Uyanda Mbuli denies love triangle allegations 4 months later

One day before the new season of her reality show, Mbuli decided to address most of the rumors that were floating around about her 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Uyanda Mbuli  | Drama

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Uyanda Mbuli denies love triangle allegations 4 months later

The allegations that Uyanda Mbuli was involved in a catfight with Fikile Mbalula's ex-mistress over a man must have really been bothering her because four months after they were first published in Sunday World, the diva has finally tried to set the record straight. 

Back in July of this year, Sunday World published a report stating that the pair were both dating the same Johannesburg businessman and the tension between them as so bad that Mbuli opened a case of defamation and crimen injuria against Molamu (which she did).

Molamu planned to counter Mbuli's suit by opening a case of intimidation against against her, claiming that Mbuli threatened her during their fight for the title of King Maseko's main - the businessman in question.

The publication then alleged that Mbuli accused Molamu of posting, on Facebook, that Mbuli should find a "blesser" so she would stop asking for money from Joyce's man, Maseko.

joyce molamu and king maseko

In the statement, which the SW reporters claimed to have seen, Molamu allegedly also called Mbuli a "stupid b****" and posted her cellphone number for the world to see. Mbuli then started to receive calls and text messages from people she did not know as a result of Molamu's actions.

"When I got my lawyers involved to contact her and send an official letter. Ms Molamu acknowledged my lawyers' call and promised to send them her e-mail address and her lawyer's e-mail address which she never did. I sent her the PDF version of the letter via text. Ms Molamu has not sent me an apology nor acknowledged the damage she has done to my name by the public humiliation of her Facebook post," wrote Mbuli in her statement. 

Molamu then proceeded to explain to SW why she did what she did and why she suspected they had a relationship going on, including the fact that she and Maseko have an open phone policy so had had seen text messages which she believes were from Mbuli. 

Tomorrow, 06 October, Mbuli will appear in court to see to the charges she pressed against Molamu. With regards to the report, Mbuli had this to say: 

She then aired her frustrations with regard to the reports published about her 

In addition to heading to court tomorrow, Mbuli will be hosting a party in Sandton to celebrate the second season of her reality show, Uyanda It's On which will air on SABC 3 at 10pm. 

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