Vusi Nova's Semi Nude Video Leaves Fans Confused

People are getting too comfortable on the internet

By  | Mar 21, 2022, 01:07 PM  | Vusi Nova  | Drama

Vusi Nova
Although he has never been one to hide from some controversy here and there, Vusi Nova’s latest semi nude has left fans confused, but also a little excited. 
The new Amapiano singer recently took to Instagram to share a video of himself in the shower. But it wasn’t just him standing in the shower and being cute and sexy or whatever; he was actually taking a shower – soap, scrubbing and all. 

First off, fans were confused because that’s a rather odd choice of a video to share. I mean, taking a shower is a rather weird activity to think “Hmm, maybe I should take a video of this and post it”, so the motivation and thought process behind the decision and its execution was rather unclear. But it is his Instagram account, so he gets to do as he pleases. 

One fan was plain disgusted by the video, and he could not understand why it was even a thing. He tried to shame the singer, lamenting the ‘crazy’ things that people do for likes and views. But Vusi was not here for the shade, and asked the fan whether taking a shower is a crazy thing, because according to him, it’s a pretty normal and standard part of one’s day. 

Screenshot: Instagram @vusinova1

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Others were expressly disappointed in whoever took the video because they did not show enough – they would have preferred it if the camera went a little lower. One said they just wanted to see how he washes his thighs and legs, but we know exactly what they wanted to see, and we would have been writing a completely different story right now. 

Screenshot: Instagram @vusinova1

But the biggest question on everyone’s mind was “Who took the video?” Everybody wanted to know, some so they could complain about the content. But we know the main reason was so people would know who Vusi is being this intimate with. I mean, to see him naked in the shower! 

Somizi Mhlongo was in the comments asking for the photo credits. It is unclear whether he was asking because he was also wondering who recorded the video, or because it was him and he was there to claim the photo credits that are his due. Some figured it was the latter, and we don’t blame them. 

Screenshot: Instagram @vusinova1

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The two of them have been known to enjoy a very close friendship, which many fans do not understand. They have had to refute rumours that they were in a romantic relationship multiple times, but it seems that fans are convinced and will continue to push that agenda.

But can you blame them? I mean, they take nude and semi nude pictures and videos of each other all the time, so it makes sense that the eyebrows are raised, right?

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