Young Muso Claims Yanga Stole His Track

Yanga cleared this up quick quick

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Yanga Chief  | Drama

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South African muso Yanga Chief (Don't forget the Chief!) was caught up in a Twitter storm this week after a young musician by the name of AB Fresh accused him of plagiarising his music.

Yanga Chief has been on a victory lap this week after releasing his newest single, 200 - a lyrical masterpiece with more bars than Long Street in Cape Town. The single is part of his long-awaited EP, Being A Pop Star (BAPS!) which drops this coming Friday and although we should all be excited about the new single (which slaps) and the new EP, instead we are focused on a beef which seems to have come out of nowhere.

This is all because a young rapper named AB Fresh has noticed some stark similarities between Yanga's new song, and a track of his own - which he's been trying to get Yanga to listen to for the longest time. AB Fresh tried to expose the Utatako rapper when he took to Twitter to simply ask the question. AB claimed he wasn't looking for clout when he shared the video below:

He then continued to make his case when he wrote,

"I’m really not gonna deny the fact that Anatii really inspired me on the song on so many ways, but my problem is I been tagging Yanga in my performances on Instagram & stories and mailing him links since I dropped it. Y’all would also have questions haibo??"

This was followed by a lengthy open letter:

AB Fresh's manager, Aphiwe Citwa actually went as far as approaching Yanga Chief and asking him to explain himself. To their collective disappointment, Yanga was not having it:

Meanwhile, Yanga has since denied any foul play on the timeline where he wrote, , "Kid sent me the song last month. As you can see I still am yet to open it. As you can see in the second frame I came up with the chant in 2017. Submitted the track list in August. Thank you. I’ll be accepting apologies in person."

AKA tried to get involved and defend his homie, but interestingly, Mega was instructed to drink water and mind his own business. That advice sounds familiar, doesn't it?

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