"There Are Many Millionaires And Billionaires Who Want Me"- Zahara

The songwriter says she didn't want to open her legs to men in order to save her house

By  | Nov 09, 2022, 02:05 PM  | Zahara  | Drama

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Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela has shared a glimpse of what fans can expect from the upcoming reality show of South African singer and songwriter Zahara.

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The Lolilwe hitmaker has scored a new reality show which is set to debut on SABC 1. Phil shared a clip from the show that was played at the SABC Video Entertainment showcase in Johannesburg today.

In the clip, fans get a sneak peek at what they can expect from the reality show on February 4th.

One episode features Zahara getting emotional as she talks about her financial struggles that nearly led to the foreclosure of her house.

"I have done nothing wrong to anyone here in Gauteng, but people think they have a right to torture me. For what? Who did I wronged," she says.

Zahara continues "The reason why I spoke about my financial issues and that my house would be repossessed is because I did not want to involve other people. I am beautiful but I did not want to open my legs for men there are many millionaires and billionaires that want me."

Zahara was recently accused of having diva tendencies at the set of her reality show. According to City Press, the channel gave her an ultimatum if she did not stop mistreating her colleagues. 

“They had to call a meeting with the SABC on Wednesday after she missed a shoot and asked the producers to come to her at a different location. She said she was visiting some guy in Katlehong and the film crew should follow her there if they wanted to film that day,” said the source.

“She missed a flight back to Johannesburg because she’d had a quarrel with a member of her management team at the East London airport after we’d gone to her home to film her with her family," added another source.

According to reports, the SABC threatened to axe the show if Zahara continued her "problem child" behavior.

“She did [behave herself] for the time being. She’s been filming properly and is expected to wrap everything up this week. The show depends on her cleaning her act up and it’s sad that she doesn’t seem to understand her own brand and acts out of character. It isn’t good [for her image]” the source added.

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