Single Mom Zoleka Does Not Appreciate Pity

She is pregnant with baby number 6

By  | Jan 10, 2022, 05:35 PM  | Zoleka Mandela  | Drama

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Zoleka Mandela who faced some heavy criticism after announcing her 6th pregnancy, is asking her followers to not feel pity for her because she simply does not need it.

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The single mother of 6 children
does not appreciate people feeling sorry for her as she is in this situation. Instead she is asking for respect and for people to acknowledge that she never gave up.

“Don’t pity me because I’m a single mom. Respect me for having courage to do it alone, the strength to never give up, and the love to put my own child’s needs before my own,” said the 'Proud Happy Mama.'

When she announced her pregnancy, Zoleka received a lot of hate and people judged her for having a 6th child. She shared that she though she had food poisoning. Little did she know that what she thought was poisoning, was actually a baby growing inside of her.

Zoleka lost her daughter Zenina, who was killed in a drunk and driving accident hours after her 13th birthday during the 2010 World Cup. Zenina would be 24 years old this year but her life got cut short. She also lost another child
Zenawe Zibuyile who was only an infant.

Her death caused her to fight to government's intervention is issues such as these, especially when it affects children.

“In memory of my daughter, Zenani Mandela, who was killed by a drunk driver, hours after her 13th birthday in 2010. This year, she would have celebrated her 23rd birthday. Today, and everyday, I remember. I call for your support, to protect the lives of our innocent children. I urge you to please join me and demand more action from our leaders” she wrote.

She has always wanted to share glimpses of her life with her followers and her pregnancy is no different.

With the school holidays slowly reaching an end, parents are running around like headless chicken trying to shop all their children's necessities. "Who of you single mommies left uniform shopping, stationery shopping as well as the dreaded trip to the hair salon, to the last minute like I did? Please wish me luck, my 2 year old daughter’s already working my last nerve, I don’t know how many times I need to pee, I still don’t have a nanny, I’m hungry for the millionth time.

"I have a trillion things I need to mark of my agenda for today, I feel like everyone and everything is operating at a pace that’s way too slow for me … BUT also, I’m rocking a jumpsuit and feeling so cute and SEGZY today so that makes up for everything!!! Have a morning as f***ing gorgeous as we all are, doing the most all on our own!!!"

Zoleka's 6th child is with her boyfriend who made her change her mind about dating Xhosa men. "Zoleka a few months back...“OMG!!! I would NEVER date a Xhosa man. OMG!!! I would NEVER date a male version of myself. NEVER, shem!” Zoleka a few months later...“OMG!!! Xhosa King aka @king_mayweather_cana_tbe What have you done to me!!! Like, actually just DATE me forever!!! I don’t care what I said a few months ago, the Devil is such a liar and you’ve changed my mind!!!"

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