Riky Rick Meets Tommy Hilfiger

King Kotini meets a fashion giant

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Fashion

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Riky Rick was over the moon when he met one of his all-time fashion heroes, Tommy Hilfiger, at a highbrow fashion event in Milan.

Riky Rick is a big lover of all things fashion and he has never hidden his admiration for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Therefore it came as no surprise when King Kotini was invited to attend the international unveiling of the third season of TommyxLewis; the collaboration between the fashion giant and Lewis Hamilton.

While at the event, Riky Rick was afforded the opportunity to meet the man himself, Tommy Hilfiger, and let's just say it was a massive moment for the rapper.

He began by reflecting on the first time he ever laid eyes on Tommy Hilfiger attire: after moving to Austria as a child with his siblings and attending a school with no school uniforms. He wrote on Instagram,

"We begged my mother to buy us a pair of Tommy Jeans but coming from where we come from and trying to raise 4 children in a foreign country doesn’t put you in a position to keep up with fashion labels. She did her best to keep us presentable at school but buying Tommy Hilfiger was out of the question, even though she would’ve if she could’ve. ⁣"

He then spoke about how, over 21 years later, meeting the man behind the label felt like a full-circle journey before thanking Tommy for the chance to share his story. He added,

"Fast Forward 21 years. Ive had the opportunity to travel the world, make friends and express myself through clothes BUT meeting this man and telling him the story of how his brand was the reason I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MPAHLAS™️ was full circle.⁣⁣
"Thank you malume @tommyhilfiger for giving me time and bringing me out for your show, you are much appreciated🙏🏾🖤. ICON."
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You would think that most people would have been happy for him, but with social media, the opposite is almost usually true. People on Twitter instead focused on the fact that Riky Rick was mingling and lowkey worshiping a rumoured racist.

You might recall a long-running rumour from the 90s and early 00s where it was claimed that Tommy Hilfiger didn't want black people wearing his clothing. While this rumour has been proven to be false, a little truth hasn't stopped people from pedalling it:

Regardless, the bashing didn't stop Riky Rick from enjoying his big moment and we just want to say good for him!

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