Lebo Sekgobela: How God has managed to structure her life

Lebo encourages people to let God do the work for them and just trust in his plans.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Lebo Sekgobela 


Gospel star Lebo Sekgobela shares the vital role God has played in her life and changing her gift into a business.

In an interview on Touch HD Lebo emphasized the importance of letting God do what he has already planned for your life with no fear.

"It all starts individually within my own space, to know and to dream big and to also believe the word of God that says 'Before you were put in your mother's womb I knew you, I know the plans that I have for you.' 

So everything that happens, it has been set to happen the way it has, there is no coincidence. All the dreams that we have, you need to put yourself in those dreams and allow them to flow like water, allow your talent to flourish. Allow yourself to move," said the Gospel star.

Tbo Touch also asked Lebo why she thinks some Gospel singers become stagnant and seem to hit the ceiling when they have reached a certain point in their career.

Lebo's answer was that as people we need to stop being spectators and become players who grab life by the horns and achieve our dreams.

"If you take a step to start imagining things then you will reach where you want to go, but if you take a step and say 'I'm just imagining it but I think I'll stand at the back and look at others and how they do it,' you'll not go anywhere."

Lebo went on to make Tbo Touch as an example, she mentioned that if Tbo Touch had not imagined, taken action and moved away from Metro FM he would've not have recognized his own dream of having his own radio station.