Natasha Thahane Is A Whole Fri-Yay Vibe

Watch this cutie jam to her favourite tune

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Natasha Thahane 

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Its most probably Natasha's infectious smile and overall good energy that makes us wanna be friends her - especially with this feel good friday video.

The Queen actress Natasha Thahane is a fan fave for her beauty and stellar acting skills.  Now, it looks like she might have a talent for singing on her hands too.

Natasha recently posted a video singing to her favourite song that impressed all her secret admirers and fans.

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When hitting that play button, we were expecting something a little different but Natasha did caption this video with a prayer hands emoji- so we should've expected a gospel song tribute.

Whatever the genre though, you can tell that Natasha is loving the song as she clasps her chest a good few times and singing along with her eyes closed. Is this a glimpse of Natasha live in concert?

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We could be a little biased because, we're kind of in love with her already but her followers had nothing but positive things to say too. So....

This could very well be the start to another direction she could take in her career? Listen, we're not opposed to it. This kind of drastic change in direction, worked well for Boity, as she went from being a media personality to a certified female rapper.

For all we know, Natasha has got a gospel album already in the works.

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