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Babes and Mampintsha finally share their adorable baby's face

By  | Sep 13, 2022, 11:39 AM  | Babes Wodumo  | Relationships

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Babes Wodumo and her husband Mampintsha have finally introduced Sponge Wodumo to the world. After making it clear that they would never show his face on their social media, they have backtracked on this decision. 

Sponge Wodumo is the son of Gqom couple Babes and Mampintsha. Ever since he was born in 2021, they have been very cautious to not post his face on social media. 

They defended this decision by telling Sunday World that they want to protect him. 

"We decided to not show Sponge's face because of traditional and safety reasons. Bad things happened out there, and we would rather not regret them later," babes told the publication. 

Here is the first ever look at Sponge Wodumo:
Pregnancy caused Babes to lose weight and she has embraced that. But, trolls remind her everyday of how she used to look like and whenever she posts recent pictures, she gets trolled. 

She was a recent guest on Ukhozi FM studios where she wore a brown and cream white outfit. Her haters came in their numbers to accuse her of abusing drugs and of being sick which apparently resulted in her being this size. 

Defending her weight, Babes took to Facebook to respond to a radio presenter who slammed the trolls by telling her own story which resonates with Babes. 

“I lost weight during my pregnancy and after birth I lost more weight. It hurts to see women making fun of how I look,” she said. “Is it because I’m a celebrity or because I’m a young woman who is finding her feet in motherhood? I am enjoying motherhood and I don’t know what they want from me. 

“Others are quick to judge saying I am sick, I need help or I am taking drugs, just because I had a baby and my body is still recovering…I am not stressing about my weight loss because some of my friends and my sister went through the same thing, ” said Babes. 

Even her husband slammed trolls and told them to gets jobs and leave his family alone. “It hurts so bad because the people who swear at us are people we do not know. No rich person goes around swearing at other rich people. It's always those who are hungry that are jealous and practice witchcraft. Whereas they should be using that energy to ask for jobs and I would hire them so they can get money, get laid and stop being angry. 

“But they rather spew bile. Listen here, leave us alone. Or I will gladly return you all back to your mother's wombs, one by one. Our names are not for your entertainment. You guys are very hungry. I'm sorry to my fans, I am very tired of these haters that don't bath,” he concluded.

Mampintsha even told his trolls who said they miss the old him to jump off a cliff. “Other people are crazy others are fine, I'm not fond of idom kop, how can you say to me you miss the old Mampintsha, so you don't grow up? People grow up you can't remain being one thing so stop it. I won't answer idom kop. So please stop it guys. Imagine asking me where is the old Mampintsha? Then it means he's at the zoo,” he said.

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