Meet Lasizwe's Alleged New Man

Which one of these look-alike gentlemen is Lasizwe's new bae?

By  | May 15, 2022, 12:34 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Relationships

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South Africa’s number YouTuber and reality television star Lasizwe whose real name is Thulasizwe Sphiwe Dambuza has had his fair share of ups and downs in the department of love. He is currently seeing someone, but, although always an open book to his fans and supporters, this time he has chosen to keep his love affairs private - at least for now. However, Musa Khawula shared an image of a man claiming it is Lasizwe’s boyfriend and Twitter had a few comments to share, including Lasizwe himself.

Many people have been drawn to Lasizwe by his loveable personality and willingness to talk openly about even the most private aspects of his personal life. Among his fans, he is always the topic of conversation when it comes to his love life, and when he shares that he is in love, they could not be happier for him.
Earlier this year, the digital content creator shared a video clip on Valentine's Day where he spent time and got gifted by his boyfriend at the time and was emotional. In the video he shared he wrote, “How you love yourself subsequently teaches others how you want to be loved. I’ve realised, one does not need a man to find happiness. Happiness can be found in oneself.”

However, this sweet romance didn’t last for too long. The YouTuber updated his fans that he’d broken up with his bae. The two after serving major couple goals for a couple of weeks ended their relationship in premium tears. This came shortly after coming back from their Valentine's weekend gateway together. Lasizwe said that the boyfriend had been dishonest about his whereabouts. He mentioned that he dropped him off at the airport to catch a flight to Cape Town, but in a twist of events, he later bumped into him at Great Dane in Johannesburg. Lasizwe then decided to dump him but we are happy now that he is finally back in the dating game.

Yesterday, entertainment commentator Musa Khawula brought some spice onto the timeline when he uploaded an image of a certain man claiming that it is Lasizwe’s boyfriend. In the tweet, he wrote, “Meet Lasizwe’s  new boyfriend Jabu Brown.” Twitter had a bunch of opinions on this with some congratulating the influencers and spreading love, while others spewed hateful comments, some with homophobia.
Lasizwe, however, did not let this rumour fly, within a few hours of the tweet from Musa Khawula, the content creator replied denying the allegations about his love life. He called Musa a liar and urged him to give proof. “Prove it? YOU PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!” He tweeted in a livid tone. He followed up with another tweet earlier today focusing on Musa’s “lies” than the allegations. Lasizwe wrote, “If he can’t provide receipts and prove what he said is true, that should say a lot about him and his tweets. A whole pathological liar. Like, bathini ngamanga wakho… are you not ashamed, are you not embarrassed?”

Another picture of Lasizwe kissing and a gentleman who looked like the one he’s alleged to be dating kissing circulated the timeline after the rumours were shared by Musa but Lasizwe claimed that those were two different people.
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