Luthando Shosha: "I'm shook...I'm pregnant...I'm having twins.."

So many pregnant celebrities in 2018 and we're loving it!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Luthando "LootLove" Shosha  | Relationships

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After months and weeks of keeping it on the downlow Lootlove has revealed that she's expecting.

What's even more exciting is that she's not expecting not one but two bundles of joy that are baking in her oven!

Hmm, we guess we should've caught on to the hint that she is pregnant when she showed a video of her boyfriend - Reason rubbing her swollen feet a few days ago.


The media personality announced the news on Friday afternoon and she has expressed that she is feeling a wave of mixed emotions as she embarks on this new journey.

"It’s a phenomenal time to be me. God and my ancestors came together for me and blessed me with something so wonderful! I’m pregnant! I won’t lie! I’m shoooook! Haha! I always thought I was cool ...and now to find out that I’m having twins makes me even cooler! I am carrying Hip and Hop. This is the most beautiful time of my life. Most precious. The scariest and the most exciting. I’m completely vulnerable and sensitive. I’m excited! I’m nervous but all that goes away when I feel weird little “gas bubbles” which I now know are little kicks because I’m carrying life." [sic]

Luthando Shosha

Loot went on to mention that her keeping the pregnancy a secret was intentional in order to ensure that those who are close to her had their moment of celebration upon hearing the news of her pregnancy.

"My silence has had everything to do with making sure that everyone who matters has their moment with this, that they feel everything, from shock to happiness to curiosity to excitement, ALL OF IT, Alone, Without the rest of the country pitching in, hounding them/adding commentary/calling or harassing them etc. 

It's a beautiful time, it’s a sacred time, it’s OUR time," she wrote.

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