Reason & Loot all boo'd up in Top Seven music video

Love is in the air for Loot and Reason

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Reason  | Relationships

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Reason & Loot all boo'd up in Top Seven music video

Jay-Z and Beyonce might have melted our hearts when they collaborated for the first time on Bonnie and Clyde but our very own Reason has done the same. The lyricist has picked none other than his real life leading lady to be the leading lady in his Top Seven music video. It only makes sense seeing that the song is clearly all about her.

Loot and Reason have found a new way to showcase their love for one another. Loot Love is the new video vixen for her boyfriend's latest music video for his single "Top Seven"

The video was directed by Monde Dube and illustrates Loot and Reason's ever playful but real love. Reason went all out for this one as his lyrics are about the Love he has for Loot. He describes his relationship with her and talks about how invasive people can be, especially when they were still keeping it on the down low.

He also mentions that there is no one above Loot accept for his two children, how sweet is that.

Here are just some of our favourite lines from the song:

  1. "I guess you're picture perfect like a camera focus."
  2. "Told us we was on before we even started going/pap smears they saw it before we even started showing."
  3. "As long as we got real love who cares what they say/'Cause your name is all love and that I believe."


Check out the video below.

Loot might not want regular rappers or tweeps to make any music about her but she makes an exception when it comes to her baby. As if they weren't already the cutest couple ever.

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