Rhythm City's Zinhle Gushes Over Her Boyfriend

She broke a lot of hearts

By  | Jul 20, 2021, 09:18 AM  | Relationships

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Love is always alive and in the air in Zalebville. We love it when our faves introduce us to the people who make their hearts skip a beat because it means they are letting us into their world – even if it's just briefly.

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While we celebrate every relationship, we can't say the same about the fans of some of our celebrities. Some fans will make it known just how heart broken they are when a celebrity they have a crush on shows of their partner. Yes, we know, chances of being with your celeb crush are slim, but we get the heartache. Really, we do.

One celebrity who broke a lot of hearts when she revealed the man in her life is Rhythm City actress Kealeboga Masango. Of course we were introduced to her as Zinhle on the now-defunct e.tv soapie that had a good run for 14years.

The actress, who is origanally from Umlazi, a popular township in KwaZulu-Natal, is smitten with her man - we don't doubt that one bit. The images she shared of her and her bae are very cosy and intimate; as they share kisses and hold hands in them. That's the kind of content we love to see! But not all of us, because the guys in her comments section would rather live their lives believing the beauty is single.

Check out some the replies, all with broken heart emojis.

@ma_7hlophe: "Yoh you just broke our hearts as ama jita"

@kurhula_shipalana: "Am I the only one hurt by the picture guys"

@noko_maila: "You broke many dudes heart including mine"

@jermainengcama: "She's taken. I'm out"

Not much is known about Kealeboga, as she is fairly new in the entertainment industry. The 17-year-old, UNISA student made waves on social media because of her beauty and good acting skills. We imagine she is nothing like her character, Zinhle, who was a spoilt brat and constantly wanted her way or the highway in everything she did.

Another actress who recently gave her fans a glimpse into her live life is actress, Rosemary Zimu. Many will remember her first major role on Isidingo:The Need on SABC3. Unlike some of our ZAlebs who hide their bags, Rosemary is one actress who does not care about social media trolls which is why she decided to make her man known to her fans with two cute, loved-up videos.

The 28-year-old shared a video of herself and a hunky man doing a viral Tik Tok challenge, and needless to say, her comments section was in a frenzy! Many of her fans were excited to see that she is a happy, gone girl and others wanted to know if that is the man who keeps her smiling everyday.

Since she set foot into the industry five years ago, the actress has hit the ground running. She has had stints in award-winning soapies such as Generations: The Legacy, Scandal! and The Queen Mzansi where she played Warona alongside Khuli Roberts. We cannot wait to see more of her loved-up content and more of her on our screens doing what she does best.

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