Thabsie speaks music, marriage & working with Psyfo

Getting to know the songstress better

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sipho "Psyfo" Ngwenya  | Relationships

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Her feature on Kwesta’s ever so popular Ngiyz’fela Ngawe might have been the way we were introduced to Thabsie but she has come for that number one spot.

Since being featured on Kwesta's hit single Ngiyz’fela ngawe, Thabsie has made it her mission to remain in the game and leave her mark in the sands of time.

Prior to her big feature and releasing her own music the songstress has provided backing vocals for artists like Khuli Chana, Cassper Nyovest, Donald, ProVerb and Black Motion. Being a backup singer is what launched her career but being in the four-front is not what she’s always wanted.

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“I’ve always known that I loved music but I never really wanted to be in the limelight because I am naturally such a shy girl. Being a back up vocalist was kind of the middle ground for me because I got to be on stage, experience the music but not necessarily be in the limelight."

Since her big break, Thabsie has received nothing but love from her on growing fan base.  Drawing inspiration from the late AAliyah, Brandy and India Arie. 

What sets her music apart from everyone else is her smooth vocals and heavy hip hop influence that make her music stand out while striving to bring in a new era for the genre.

‘’If I wasn’t listening to gospel music then it would be AAliyah, Brandy and India Arie, those women were making the kind of music I love and that’s where my biggest inspiration came from so I naturally gravitated into RNB because of my love for those women and their music.” she said

Although she’s fairly new in the music business, she’s had an overwhelming response from fans even though only two singles from her debut album have been released.

“I got a really good and positive response from a lot of people, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback and people love African queen a lot. I think it’s doing really good for a debut single.”

Because she works so closely with Kwesta and Kid X, many people thought she was signed to their record label but she actually isn’t. Thabsie is signed to a record company owned by Psyfo who is now known as Sidwell.

“Sipho is the label owner, he is my mentor/ manager and he wears many hats in my career. Working with Sipho has been really amazing especially because we’ve been friends for a while and we’ve been working on this music thing for about four-five years.

He’s been really influential in terms of my approach to this music thing and also helping me find myself in the music. I was a bit impatient at the beginning, very chaotic and Sipho said to me no, he said it was very important that you know what you’re doing, what you want and what kind of influence you want to have.Sipho has been a pillar, a support system and a mentor to me’’

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In September Thabsie celebrated her marriage to her husband who is also related to actress Zenande Mfenyane.The songstress has been officially married for a while, as she confirmed in a past interview with the ZAlebs team but they had decided to wait a while before hosting the official ceremony they held on heritage weekend.

Drop down and give me 20 😂❤🌊 #thehub

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‘’Zenande and I have always been close. We kicked it off from the get-go especially because most of my husband's family is in the Eastern Cape and she is one of the few that are in Joburg so we’re really close” She’s also been a very supportive when it comes to my music journey."

Thabsie is still trying to find her feet in terms of balancing her relationship and her personal life and it’s not as easy as it looks. While juggling married life and her career, Thabsie is also focused on promoting her album and giving fans what they want.

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