Exclusive: Rorisang Thandekiso on scoring a new gig

The media personality lands her dream role 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Rorisang Thandekiso 

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Rorisang Thandekiso

Childstar Rorisang Thandekiso has managed to reinvent her brand throughout her career after being in the limelight for ten years, the media personality has always used her authenticity to stand out and that has solidified her staying power.

Having been recently announced as SABC 1’s first ever celebrity quiz show host, Rorisang Thandekiso opened up to ZAlebs, revealing that it had been a game show that had been her first introduction to television and now she gets to live her dream through Tropika Smoooth Fan.

“This is not just like your normal Tv show, like the normal procedure, you’re working with clients, dealing with brands and because it’s a live show that’s very short...there’s really a need to know what they’re about and what they stand for,"

Speaking of the inspiration behind her look, Thandekiso said that the former Zama Zama game show host and actress, Nomsa Nene had been the influence behind her big Afro hairstyle, which has been the style that many identify her brand with.

"I always do the Afro, that’s my staple look, and that comes from...one of my favourite personalities Nomsa Nene, I used to watch all the stories she was in, and obviously she had the big game show Zama Zama...I’ve done youth, I’ve done more serious stuff...current, I think game shows is what I wanted to tick on my list and having grown up falling in love with TV through a game show...having been in the industry for ten years, this feels good, to do an entirely different format…” she said.


Although public speaking and debating have always been activities that the media personality enjoyed doing, Thandekiso says that she thought she was going to end up working for the government, however, it was when she first got her stint on television that she truly discovered her purpose.

“I was into public speaking and debating, I went to the same school as Musa Mthomebi and TV was always something he did, and even then when we were kids it was far-fetched, we were too far removed from the entertainment industry...I never envisioned myself in front, but I love public speaking and I love debating…

“I’m very blessed in the sense that my introduction to television...I was headhunted by Yo-TV and I got that call two weeks later, I was doing Blue Couch, which was live and it was a talk show, so my introduction to television was live TV...so I think it’s the grooming and how I was introduced to TV, I think it’s also just working on your craft…"

With television having ignited her passion for the entertainment industry, the media personality built her brand and now uses different platforms to impact peoples lives, just as hers was inspired from the beginning. Dabbling in music, radio, television production and business, Thandekiso says that she can never take these opportunities for granted.

"If there's a blessing of a new gig, it's to respect it, it's to be on time, to take every opportunity I get as important as the last one, to show up. I didn't get it, he got it for me, so my job is to show up and I take that very seriously, and I don't take the opportunities I get very lightly, I'm a product of opportunities."

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