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Bontle Modiselle Sexy Video Gets A Hilarious Take
The multi-talented star proves she can laugh at herself.
Bontle Modiselle Starts The Afro WAP Challenge
Who is trying this one?!
Bontle Modiselle: "Dancers Don’t Get The Credit They Deserve"
Don't disrespect her craft
Happy Birthday Bontle!
30 looks good on her
Bontle And Priddy Ugly Celebrate One Year Of Marriage
"A year in marriage down, a lifetime to go!"
Bontle Modiselle Breaks It Down For Her New Deal With Shield!
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Bontle Modiselle Proves She Still Got The Moves
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Bontle's Marriage Mocked
"The most unwarranted disrespect, for sh*ts & giggles"
Bontle Modiselle Shares More Snaps Of Baby Afrika
She is the cutest thing ever!
Bontle Trolled For Her Dance Skills
The dancer responded by saying she will never stop dancing!
Bontle Modiselle Reflects On Her Father's Passing On Father's Day
The popular choreographer gets deep on her father’s suicide.
Bontle Teams Up With Always
She will have a dance fitness class on IG
Bontle And Priddy Ugly Slam Viral Tweet
Bontle didn't pay for Priddy Ugly's studio time
The Moloi's Let Us In Where They Have Never Before
Bontle and Priddy Ugly share never-been-seen before footage of their daughter’s birth.
Bontle Modiselle shares adorable video of baby Afrika
She’s definitely a daddy’s girl!
Bontle and Priddy Ugly's Daughter's First Performance
The whole Moloi family is talented