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Donald Is Not In Denial About Being Lonely
Donald may need to get in touch with Date My Family!
#DMF: An Annoying Ex & Dodgy Friends
Date My Family was lit last night
Date My Family highlight: When Twitter found the "NSFAS millionaire"
But is it really her?
Date My Family viewers fall in love with the biker mom
Mommy dearest definitely charmed viewers.
Date My Family Highlights: Quavo's sister was too much
It started out as a dull episode but gogo and Quavo's sister saved the day.
Date My Family highlights: Ralph's little brother gets dragged
Enter Date My Family at your own risk.
Date My Family: Raymond regrets not choosing Thato
Yeah, no the "Sniper" miscalculated his target.
Date My Family: Bonga's friend is public enemy number one
Date My Family viewers were clearly not impressed with Bonga's bestie - Sibongiseni
Date My Family: Lebo charms viewers
Yami was spoilt for choice, but Lebo was the one
Date My Family: Ashby is engaged?
We're so confused, he and Comfort made such a cut couple.
Date My Family: Cleo and Neo were a match made in hell
Their names might rhyme but there was no connection between the two.
Date My Family: Naledi & Lukas are not dating
Well, that's unfortunate, they would've made a cute couple.
Date My Family: Moremogolo confused the nation
Give this man a bells!
Date My Family: Karaboliscious was a disappointment
And yes, when the show began he introduced himself as 'Karaboliscious'
Date My Family: Viewers drag women who want men with cars
It's a hard knock life out here.
Date My Family: Khethani tells it how it is
His clap backs were way too much to handle