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Fifi Cooper visits HHP's grave
It hasn't been easy for the young rapper.
Pics: Fifi Cooper celebrates her 27th birthday in style
It's a celebration, y'all! 
Fifi Cooper on how she kept going
The first lady of Motswako is looking back 
Fifi Cooper Fans makes fun of Emtee
It seems like the rapper is mocking her former record mate 
Fifi Cooper thanks the EFF for saving her
Her case against Ambtiouz is finally over 
Fifi Cooper admits she did not have money to fight Ambitiouz Entertainment
Thankfully, EFF has rescued her from her financial woes
EFF wants to help Fifi Cooper
The political party has offered their help to assist Fifi Cooper in what they term as an “injustice” move towards the rapper.
Court interdict rules against Fifi Cooper
In the words of Jay-Z - "chains is cool to cop but more important is lawyer fees."
Fifi Cooper cops a new whip
The rapper is ending off the year on a good note 
Fifi Cooper is doing just fine
It's been almost 5 months since she left Ambitiouz but Fifi Cooper is doing just fine.
Fifi Cooper scores a new Hip Hop TV show
You would think leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment would hinder her hustle but it hasn't
Fifi Cooper to spread her wings into the Nigerian market
Fifi Cooper looking to infiltrate the West African market.
Fifi Cooper pays disabled fan a special visit
Fifi Cooper, makes a fan's dream come true.
Fifi Coopers shares more on MoCooper Records & if her & Emtee are still cool
Fifi Cooper is moving along swiftly.
Fifi Cooper sets the record straight
The drama at Ambitiouz Entertainment is at an all time high with new developments happening every day
Fifi Cooper opens her own Record Label
Fifi moves on to MoCooper Records