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DJ Fresh Throws Shade At Metro FM
It has been a year since he got fired
DJ Fresh: What The Actual F***????
This follows an eviction in the city of Cape Town.
DJ Fresh Reacts To The President's Announcement
The DJ is ready to get a new haircut
DJ Fresh Accused Of Celebrating Whilst People Are Dying
“I choose to celebrate and appreciate whatever new liberties we get”
DJ Fresh Celebrates South Africa’s “New Year’s Eve”
It is almost wine’o clock and DJ Fresh is ready!
DJ Fresh's Financial Advice Impress Minnie Dlamini
The DJ said his savings would last him for a very long time.
DJ Fresh Shares Career-Defining Memory With Oskido
Oskido launched DJ Fresh's career while in the loo!
DJ Euphonik And Fresh Acknowledge The EFF For The Artists Relief Fund
The relief fund is for the artists who have been with the party since it was launched.
#RadioAwards2020: DJ Fresh Is On A Roll!
He is shutting it down!
DJ Fresh Shows Off His Charitable Side
ZAlebs making a difference!
Ricky Tyler Drops New Single And Visuals 'Thirty Ks'
Ricky Tyler is back with something fresh
New Year, New Her! Sarah Langa Is Fresh For 2020
Sarah Langa Is Moving On Up & Looking Forwards
Reactions To Zenande Planning On Cutting Her Dreadlocks Next Year!
2020 will be the year of fresh starts.
Nhlanhla Reverts To Maiden Name After Divorce
Here's to a fresh start, Ms Mafu.
Why Cassper Snubbed DJ Fresh
It was nothing personal though...
Is DJ Fresh Threatening Legal Action Against His Ex?
It's officially bad blood between the exes...