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Twitter Calls For Kelly Khumalo’s Arrest
Meyiwa Trial postponed for end of May, an arrest is made and Kelly Khumalo remains suspect no.1
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Jub Jub Gushes Over Kelly Khumalo
Differences aside..Jub Jub sends Kelly a sweet, short message
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"Events Promoters Must Cancel All Kelly Khumalo Shows"
Fans still call for Kelly to be cancelled
Jub Jub, Jub Jub
Jub Jub's Son With Kelly Khumalo
No DNA test needed here
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Tweeps Are Calling For Kelly Khumalo To Be Cancelled
Is she really that lucky?
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Kelly Khumalo Ready To Testify In The Senzo Meyiwa Trial
The trial is back in court today
Kelly Khumalo and her son
Meet Kelly Khumalo's Son, Christian
He's all grown up
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“She Is Very Positive. She Is In Good Spirits"- Kelly Khumalo's Lawyer
The singer is paying her lawyer to observe Meyiwa's trial proceedings
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The Zonke vs Kelly Khumalo Battle Continues on Social Media
Do they even know that they're pit against each other this often?
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Kelly's Lifechanging Moment Nears
Kelly Khumalo gears up for her biggest event ever
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Zandie Khumalo Reaches Out To Kelly Khumalo
She hopes to make amends after their fall out
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Kelly Khumalo To Switch To Gospel?
Here's what you need to do to make that happen
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Kelly Khumalo Hits Back At Jub Jub With A Cryptic Instagram Story
"Never doubt yourself again when they act nice"
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"I Know I’m Strong But No One Prepared Me For This"
Kelly Khumalo on the passing of Teekay Kotu
Image of Kelly Khumalo
Mzansi Hasn't Forgotten Kelly Khumalo's "Crimes"
They still want word on Senzo Meyiwa's killer
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Kelly Khumalo's Parenting Skills Questioned
Here's what she said to MacG on Podcast And Chill