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Fans Heartbroken By Sjava's Latest Announcement
They are demanding his return
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Sjava Hated His Lingerie Surprise
Who wore it wrong ?
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Mzansi Brings Lady Zamar To Her Knees
She will forever suffer for what she did to Sjava
Just How Many Lies Can Crush A Man?
How well do you know Sjava?
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Sjava Debuts His Wives
Here's how many wives he has
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Sjava Exposes A Tweep
He set the record straight
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Sjava And Zamar Back Together?
He certainly has a type
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Sjava and Andy Mnguni Spark Relationship Rumours
They looked so adorable together
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Natasha Thahane Dragged For Supporting Sjava
She has not cancelled Sjava
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Sjava Says He Is Still Crushed By Rape Allegations
The musician is trying to heal mentally and move on with his life
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Sjava Moves Back Home
The lockdown has been hard on everyone
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Rape Case Against Sjava Was Thrown Out
There was no sufficient evidence to make an arrest
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Is This The New Lady In Sjava's Life?
The musician posted a snap of a lady on his IG account, and covered her eyes.
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Mzansi Reacts To Snaps From Sjava's Recent Perfomance
Attendees of the show seemingly all looked shocked?
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Sjava Gets Duped By Scammer, Macc Gee
But he was not the only celebrity saved by #MaccGeeMustFall
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Confirmed Sjava And Ambitiouz Part Ways
The musician has announced his departure from the label