Slikour having fun as a dancer

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Slikour 

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Slikour will have to work hard to convince some of us that rappers can actually dance.

The Skwatta Kamp band member is a contestant on this season's Strictly Come Dancing, which returns to our screens this Friday (5 June).

Slikour, who's been rehearsing with his partner, said the difficult part for him is just getting into character for television. "I'm having so much fun dancing, learning something new. I'm just having fun," he said. 

On whether he can dance or not, he said: "It's just putting in time, it's commitment. You can do anything, you just need to put in the time."

Does he have what it takes to take the title? We guess we'll have to watch to see. Other celebrity contestants include Pearl Modiadie and Bridget Masinga.

The show premieres on Friday at 7:30 pm on SABC3.   

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