Terry Is A Gone Girl And She’s Not Hiding It!

Who is the mystery man in her life?

By  | Feb 09, 2022, 02:42 PM 

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We wonder who made Terry Pheto to blush this much. Actress and media personality couldn’t hide the excitement on her face during her dinner date with a mystery somebody.

The Tsotsi star took it to Twitter to announce she was having a time of her life. Terry posted “Samthandi (followed by three in love emoji’s) Also, date night was perfect! Angifuni ukungasho (I don’t want to not say) followed by another emoji.
Nathi asifuni ukungasho that we love this for our beautiful Terry, but can she at least show us his arm or watch, we will do the rest.

A fan commented: “I want to steal your feelings like Tsotsi stole that baby, and look you in the eyes like this.”
This was sweet except Terry is already a gone girl and doing a good job in hiding her man.

Another fan commented: “Save room for me in your heart.”
Is this a polygamy proposal for sweet Terry? Well a woman is allowed to have more than one man, but we don’t think she wants someone else.

Of course, there is always that one comment that is different, like the one who  used Dj Sbu’s picture when he was hugging a tree. The user commented: “Utsho Nontombi NomTherristo?”
We don’t understand how Dj Sbu bonding with nature had anything to do with Terry’s date, but it is a free country and the followers are using their own data. Unless there is something we are missing.

The 40- years-old star, turning 41 in May, was once rumoured to be married and excepting a baby. The rumour spread after the star posted a picture of herself on Instagram promoting Blue Ribbon.

Her pictured was innocently captioned: “This is the last week of our Blue Ribbon #SharesTheMoment campaign!! I have had so much fun creating these amazing Mmmm Yum moments with you. Join me at Pick n Pay Dinny's Sebokeng on 14 October and bring your empty Blue Ribbon bags to swap them for rewards and support a local charity.”
For some reasons the caption was overlooked by her picture in a white dress and she  looked like someone who was pregnant. We are not saying she was, but she looked like someone who might have been pregnant.

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Even Podcast and Chill  Sol Phenduka mistakenly thought the Bold and the Beautiful actress was a mother and a wife in waiting.   

According to Sunday World the actress denied reports that she was expecting her first child.  The paper reported that a sources close to the couple, confirmed they have been dating for some time, but opted to keep their relationship a secret and far from the media spotlight. However, her partner was said to be so excited about the pregnancy.  

We are holding thumbs that she doesn’t hid anything this time around, we want to know who is making her blush this much.

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