The Women We Don't Talk About

We can't afford to forget about them

By  | Nov 18, 2022, 09:52 AM

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Ending the Shame of Obstetric Fistula

Is there a more prolific conversation today than that of women’s rights? If you live in an urban environment or in a country where things seem to be on the up, you might get the impression that it's happening everywhere.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In some African communities, women are still only seen as sexual beings. Their epitome of success is characterised by the number of children they can bear hence early marriages. 

Some of the effects of this include underage girls getting pregnant which puts them at risk of getting obstetric fistula. Find out more about how we can prevent all this here.

Fissures Film Review

Again, we’re preaching too much about women's empowerment but some of our sisters are still bearing the brunt of failed and early marriages. Divorced women are sneered at by society as it demonstrates their “inability to keep a man”.

As problematic as that phrase is, that’s how they are viewed. Other women are married off and others end up in the sex trade as a consequence of their upbringing. The film Fissures tells the story of three women who represent each experience.

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