Big Brother Mzansi: is Kgosi this year's underdog?

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Can you believe it’s been a week already? The Big Brother MzansiHousemates and Chambermates have provided much entertainment, drama and eye candy. 

We had not been accustomed to the housemates from the Chamber and Main house yet, but because of most of their bubbly personalities and their good looks (especially the ladies) it did not take us long to figure out who was who in the zoo. Also, thanks to Big Brother for finally placing name tags on the housemate’s microphones.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, the news on everyone’s lips is the ongoing romance between Mandla and Lexi, who we’ve come to affectionately know as Mandlexi. Haai, they make a hot couple and I am convinced the 'in need of a haircut' Vanessa is jealous.

And what about the drama! The main conflict arose between Vanessa and Mzamo against Loko and Kat. Mzamo called Loko a drama queen and Vanessa saying that she showed her true colours too soon in the game. All Lola did this past week was cry. A great candidate for a tissue advert. 

During the course of this past weekend we personally found the chambermates to be more entertaining than the current housemates thanks to hilarious moments from Nku and Iris. On Saturday, Big Brother treated the main housemates to a themed party filled with drinks, disco lights and the sounds of MetroFM's resident DJs, Naves and Sphectacula

Although the party was in the main house, it was the chambermates, Kgosi, Nku, Mbali, Paris, Iris and Jenayne who partied up a storm whilst watching the other mates at the actual party scene.  All of the chambermates (apart from the rather peculiar Kgosi) danced for an hour in the small square-sized living room which transformed into a dance-floor. Unfortunately their fun was short-lived when Big Brother switched off their TV with no warning. Iris, Nku and Jenayne were left bemused and complained about Big Brother's harshness. And you could see who was use to housework when Loko and Kat cleaned the house of all party evidence from the previous night.

Side Note: Just by looking at the housemates profile pictures, we honestly thought Mbali was a girl.  Admit it, you thought the same too! While we're here, can Paris wear a shirt already?

Party time came and went and before we knew it, the first eviction night was upon us last night. Firstly. can we please discuss Lungile Radu’s hair and excessive sweating?  His physical appearance was trending more than his actual hosting skills.  Shame, poor Radu! While he is considered as one of South Africa’s sexiest celebrities, the grey hair or s-curl or whatever hairstyle that he’s rocking right now in addition to the excessive sweating did him an injustice.  Maybe we should get him in touch with Savanna- so he can stay dry? 

However, Lungile's sweating antics were not enough to distract us from the main action. Technically this wasn’t an eviction night but a swift move from one house to the other and last night we watched as Kgosi was voted into the main house. We're quite sure that this is an obvious strategic move from the main housemates.  Kgosi is an aloof character, nothing about him screams competition- but then again this could be his own strategic move to disguise himself as an underdog.  

Kgosi wasted no time in using his awkward charm towards the ladies of the main house (Yes! Mandla finally has some form of competition when it comes to the ladies). Has Mandla found his match? Did you see his face when Lexi smiled at Kgosi? Within an hour Kgosi was already engaging in deep conversations with Loko they even took their late night chit-chat to Loko's bedroom as she smiled from ear to ear whilst Kgosi serenaded her with questions about her star sign and complimenting her on her looks.  And Kgosi told the audience that he is keen on Loko which will serve for some interesting viewing. It is obvious Loko is not playing too hard to get – she even asked Kgosi where he would be sleeping and his reply was; “Well it depends on this conversation.” Such a charmer.

Just when you thought it was all over and it couldn’t get any better, Mi Casa burst on stage to close the show with a surprise performance of their new track Turn you on.

We wonder who will be the next chambermate to make it through into the main house.

Do you think Kgosi will last in the main house?


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