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All-round media personality and TV star Boity Thulo, and now the creator of South Africa’s new favorite drinks brand, is definitely owning her throne with her latest new exciting adventure.

The TV star has always been business savvy and saying she has been working hard would be a major understatement. Homegirl is no stranger to expanding her brand by adding new opportunities to her diverse revenue stream and it a beautiful sight to see.

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Boity, has now added another feather to her cap, or diamond to her crown, by launching BT Signature, a range of premium, superior-tasting alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling fruit beverages created for individuals also making their mark in the world. 

The brand was launched today, and in an interview with ZAlebs recently about her latest boss move, Boity revealed that she has been working on this well-kept secret since 2019.

"It is always a great experience to create something that is in your mind and seeing it come to life, so the journey was really amazing and it was eye-opening because it's my first time in the food and beverage space, so it was a learning curve and fun," says Thulo.
This is another major milestone for Boity and she said she is excited to finally launch her baby more than everything.

"I am way more excited, it's been a long journey since 2019 we have been working on this and trying to get it to life and now it's finally here. I know it's also nerve-wracking but it's fine because we have done it and there is no turning back . We have to be excited and celebrate it"
she said.
The star said creating her own range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages has always been her dream because she had not found an RTD she thought was perfect.

"I've always had a dream of creating an RTD especially because I have not found the fruit beverage that I felt like it was perfect so throughout my journey in the entrepreneurial space, I've always been pushing myself to create products and moments that I feel are not there. I saw the gap and wanted to create one and make my dreams come true."

BT Signature is a range of superior-tasting premium sparkling fruit beverages that was uniquely crafted for bold and fashionable individuals. BT Signature has not only been created to fit perfectly into the modern consumer lifestyle, but also as an ode to individual success and an inspiration to all women and men to own their signature, and make their mark, brought to you by one of South Africa’s biggest and most loved celebrities, Boity Thulo.

The TV star shared how her brand is different from other sparkling beverages that have been produced before.

"With B Signature we have created a really high-quality premium drink. With other RTD's, they use artificial sweetness but we opted for the natural grape and apple flavouring. You don't get an after taste that you would get in sugary  RTD's and the creating process, we utilized the wine making process because Mathew is a winemaker. When you taste it once you have it it makes you want one again," she explains.

Boity joined forces with renowned winemaker Matthew Krone to bring this premium range, designed with the discerning palate in mind, to life. With both being masters of their craft, a collaboration between these two celebrated industry-leaders seemed incredibly fitting.
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Matthew is a highly regarded and passionate winemaker, who has been in the business for many years and comes from a well-known family of successful and innovative winemakers in South Africa. 

"Partnering with Matthew Krone was amazing because that's his field. He is an expert in that space so, he was the perfect person to work with because things will go seamless and that's space he occupies everything."

Speaking about naming her brand BT Signature she said it resonates with her signature slogan "Own Your Trone."

"BT are my initials Boity Thulo, and signature you know when you put your signature in everything you own it, so this plays along with my Own Your Throne.It is owning your mark and celebrating everything you put your stamp in and I wanted the name signature to emulate that,' she said.
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Boity said she is grateful for this milestone and said opportunities like these inspire women.

"I feel honoured I never take these milestones for granted, it motivates me and inspires me to want to do even more and you think the more you do that's enough but it shows me how the universe will keep opening itself up and the more you take risks the, more you try to push you to do more things and it inspires black women that opportunities are there."

Congratulations Boity.

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