Mixed Emotions Over DJ Sumbody's Funeral

Tweeps feel as though Cassper Nyovest shouldn't have performed at all

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Twitter is up in arms following the proceedings of DJ Sumbody's funeral today. The outcry comes after after DJ Sumbody's closest friend Cassper Nyovest performed one of the songs that featured both him and the deceased.

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Undeniably, Cassper Nyovest and the late DJ Sumbody were not only close friends but also artists who worked together from time to time. However, there has been an outcry on Twitter for what transpired during DJ Sumbody's final send off.

To pay tribute to the DJ and music producer, Cassper Nyovest performed one of their songs they both worked titled 'Monate Mpolaye. Traditionally and also in black communities when someone has passed, his or her friends usually pay respect and tribute by doing exactly what the deceased loved.

In this case DJ Sumbody was into music, so it was only fitting to have a performance or two at his funeral. However, concerns have risen on Twitter where tweeps feel as though Cassper Nyovest performing at the funeral was unnecessary and uncalled for.

From a video shared by the Daily Sun, tweeps were certainly not jumping for joy for Cassper Nyovest's performance.

"They couldve just played the song, Cassper makes everything about him" wrote Nkululeko Mayisa
"This will never be cool… EVER!!! I can’t imagine being sad from losing a loved one and someone comes to do such things in front of me" wrote Filli
"When did we arrive at dancing around a coffin singing ‘monate mbolaye’ now" wrote Manikavana
"This gotta be the worst performance by Cass bro dude just can’t give that Cassper Nyovest performance he hurt Fr" wrote Bruce Sphosethu
Cassper Nyovest did not waste any more of his time as he took to Twitter to address the trolls calling him out for always making things about himself. Nyovest insert that it was actually DJ Sumbody's family that requested for the performance, to honor and celebrate the deceased.

"The family asked US to perform the song as a tribute at the memorial and the funeral. I agreed out of respect for the family but yeah “Cassper Makes everything about him.” Leave me the fuck alone man!!! I’m human!!!" wrote Cassper Nyovest
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