All the things we love about Skeem Saam's Cedric Fourie

He may come across as being very arrogant, yet charming, to viewers of Skeem Saam...

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..but what we've come to learn about Cedric is that he has more to offer than what meets the eye.

Yes, he is quite a good looking man who most men probably envy, and most women would probably love to date. However, when watching him on Skeem Saam and reading about his rise to fame, you can't help but love this guy.

Here are a few things we've come to love about the actor:

Cedric has always considered himself a very confident man who enjoys reading, keeping healthy and hitting the gym. By the looks of his physique, we can definitely attest to the latter.

Cedric Fourie

What we've also come to love about Cedric, apart form his amazing body and good looks, is that he is a man who is very much into education. The actor had his eyes set on becoming a lawyer, and after studied Computer Network Engineering. However, his love for the arts has always pulled him back to where he belongs: on stage and in front of the camera.


We've also come to learn that Cedric is one of the most caring, generous and, not to forget, good looking fathers in the industry. 

In an interview with People Magazine, Cedric shared how being a father has become such a great blessing to him, and that he enjoys every single moment he gets to spend with his son.

Cedric Fourie

Plus we think it's safe to say that Cedric deserves to become a Calvin Klein underwear supermodel, don't you think?

Cedric C

He can't dance to save his life but at least he knows it and doesn't take himself too seriously.

Now, we're not sure if Cedric is dating anyone, but what we've also seen that the guy looks good standing next to any woman.

He and Khanya Mkangisa would make such a cute couple.

khanya mkangisa

But what about him and Khanyi?

Khanyi Mbau

We hope to see more of this handsome man on our screens as well. Apparently, he's also setting his eyes on being a Hollywood actor.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Cedric_a_Fourie

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