A quickie with Sistahood's Chanley Wong

We enjoy a quick Q&A with Sistahood presenter, Chanley Wong.

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Chanley Wong

We get to know Chanley Wong a bit more ahead of her SAFTAs nomination.

This bubbly, bilingual beauty is probably one of the most interesting TV presenter's we've ever come across and with a SAFTAs nomination under her belt, her career in the entertainment industry is about to get even more interesting.

ZAlebs stole a few moments of her time to find out more about her interests and fears in life.

Your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject at school was Life Orientation - who wasn't good at L.O? [Laughs]

Your worst subject?

The worst subject was definitely science. I hated this subject, I was terrible at it. I think I JUST passed the subject in Matric. 

What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy catching up on YouTube videos. YouTube is life! It teaches you so much. You can literally search for anything and there will be a tutorial for it.

I love spending time with my little niece and nephew (Kai and Maya) their little smiles bring so much joy into my heart.

I also love remaking old items of clothing in my cupboard into something new and exciting.

Chanley Wong

Tell us about your weirdest encounter with a fan

I was shooting in Soweto. And an old man, probably in his 70's or 80's walked up to me kissed me on the forehead, said "Hello Chanley" and walked away. It was the weirdest but the most heartwarming moment too.

Your favourite holiday destination would be?

My favorite holiday was a few years back. We did a family holiday to London, France and Spain. It was definitely a holiday to remember. We made so many memories together as a family that we'll never forget.

However, I'd LOVE TO go to Thailand, I know I'd make that one of my favourite holidays.

Chanley Wong

What are you fearful of?

 It's difficult to explain but I freak out when things/objects/insects are too bumpy. For example, I get freaked out by a whole clump of frozen peas or a whole lot of ants in one spot. I just get goosebumps, scream, freak out and die a little inside.

wong Chanley

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

My forever celeb crush is Justin Bieber. When he came to SA a few years ago I cried when he came on stage. 

Extremely excited that he'll be coming again in May!

If you were not presenting you would be...?

I'd probably be putting my degree in Strategic Communications into use. Working a 9 to 5 job in an office.

Chanley Wong is nominated in the Best TV Presenter category for the 2017 SAFTAs.

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