Connie Chiume Meeting Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

Tweeps are convinced she is saying 'waitsi Rihanna mababy'

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The queen of Gomora Mme Connie Chiume is a gone girl as pictures of her rubbing shoulder with the Hollywood biggest stars are making rounds on social media.

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Images of Connie Chiume living her best life in Hollywood have Mzansi beaming with excitement, pride and joy. During the world premiere of the long awaited Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie, Connie Chiume has met all the Hollywood stars from all the walks of life.

What has strike Mzansi is a picture of Connie Chiume with with songstress, actress and businesswoman Rihanna. In a video, while Rihanna was having a conversation with Angela Bassett, in the background, Connie Chiume is captured having a conversation with Rihanna's baby daddy, A$AP Rocky.

"rihanna and angela bassett last night" wrote Thick
Famously known for her catchy phrase 'waitsi mababy' when talking to her daughter Thati on Gomora. Tweeps are playing on Connie Chiume's favorite words as she meets Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Angela Bassett and many other Hollywood A-Lister's who were in attendance at the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie premiere.

"rihanna and connie chiume last night" wrote Jabu Macdonald
"Rihanna my baby I can hear it. #Rihanna #conniechiume" wrote Eye Reighn
"Mama Connie Chiume's Instagram posts makes me so happy she's living her best life and I love to see it. Beautiful reminder that one is never "old" to live their best life man" wrote Katlego M
"Connie Chiume meets Rihanna and other Hollywood stars at the premiere of Black Panther 3 Wakanda Forever" wrote News Update
Mzansi is still eating off of Connie Chiume's palms with her red carpet dress that has earned her being dubbed 'the moment'. Tweeps have taken their hats off to Mme Connie Chiume for representing Mzansi and flying our South African flag really high in Hollywood.

"mme connie chiume ate here. canโ€™t get over her beauty & that dress & colour on her beautiful chocolate skin. the head piece. i mean. stunning!!" wrote Solange Mthembu
Connie Chiume and Burna Boy - Twitter
Connie Chiume - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie Premier

Connie Chiume - Red Carpet - Twitter
Connie Chiume and Rihanna - Twitter

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