DJ Zinhle And Murdah Bongz Celebrate Asante's Birthday

Asante turns one year old today

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Mzansi's favorite couple DJ Zinhle and her husband Murdah Bongz, are celebrating their little daughter's birthday and they can't help but gush over her on Instagram by sharing the cutest videos of her ever.

Taking to her Instagram account Zinhle shared a cute snap of her holding Asante and penned the sweetest happy birthday message to her little angel. ''Happy Birthday my sweet baby. God has blessed me so much. You bring us so much love and happiness. Ukhule Saint Sainty," she captioned the post.

Murdah shared a series of Instagram stories of Asante and wished her a happy birthday.

Zinhle who has two kids Asante and Kairo Forbes broke down in the latest episode of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected, as she explained that her tight schedule is robbing her of time to spend with her kids

“I feel so bad that I can't be there for my child, because I don't want her to feel like I'm not there for her, like that makes me feels really bad. It's been a crazy few weeks. I don't know what's happening after this weekend, but I need time with my kids."

She continued “I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed and I feel like we haven't stopped and I know that I'm doing this for the kids, but I'm starting to feel like I'm robbing them of time with their mother.”

Zinhle also opened up about nursing Asante and said it is an extreme sport. In her opinion, people should have warned her that breastfeeding is not pleasant. "Breastfeeding kicked my a**, Wow!" she exclaimed. "Someone should have told me how tricky it could get. Anyway I wont eventually, but Wow," she added.
In addition, many parents are overwhelmed with sleep deprivation and constant crying at night. DJ Zinhle and Murdah have been turned into zombies by their daughter Asante. "Murdah and I look like zombies from the lack of sleep. Our baby calm and she sleeps well but a new born is still so much work in the night. We are seeing flames," she said.

Zinle and Murdah got married traditionally 6 months ago. She opened up about their marriage during the first episode of the second season of her award-winning reality TV show.

She said Murdah wants to be addressed as a husband now “There’s been a lot of changes since you guys last saw us. Bongani and his family came to my mom’s house to negotiate Indaba ya ma lobola. We decided that it should be a small thing with his family and Bongz’ family.”

The couple is already on a mission to build their own home. “Bongani and I have a goal, we want to build a house and for us to build a house we understand how much work it is going to take,” she said. “Let’s make sure this house is fully paid for by the time we are done. I don’t want to take any loans. So, you’re splurging on clothes…” said Zinhle.

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