DJ Zinhle 'Tries' To Clear The Air

Tweeps are certainly not buying to what she is selling

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Following the video of DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi last night at Nomuzi 'Moozlie' Mabena's birthday party. Where DJ Zinhle has been called a mean girl from what fans thought she treated Pearl Thusi awfully and wrong. DJ Zinhle has taken to social media to clear the air

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DJ Zinhle has asked tweeps to stop vilifying her following what they thought they saw on the video making rounds on social media. Tweeps have dubbed DJ Zinhle a mean girl from how she treated her friend Pearl Thusi.

Taking to social media, DJ Zinhle has attempted to clear the air and give her side of the story from what really happened last night. In her two-part tweet where she is giving details, DJ Zinhle has fallen flats while trying to justify her actions which were caught on camera.

"1/2: Hey guys. I need to clear things up. Pearl & I had a great time & on the video you saw, I was gesturing to Brandon, whom I was playing a set with, to come & select the song cause we were using his USBs" wrote DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle continues to beg tweeps to stop vilifying her and making her a mean person. She says her and Pearl Thusi had a great time last night and there is no blood between them.

"2/2: Also. Why would Pearl smile when she walked away if I was being mean to her? Please stop vilifying me… STOP!" wrote DJ Zinhle
However, tweeps are certainly not buying to what DJ ZInhle is selling to them. As tweeps feel as though DJ Zinhle is trying to salvage the situation and her attempt as mere damage control.

"Ntombezinhle mususxoxela inganekwane. Of that was the case pho uhanjiswa yini ke uMaThusi on your table with her tale between her legs" wrote Mzilikazi
"But even on unexpected when you mentioning your friends you don't mention her....but ke" wrote Mercy Rewrote
"You should’nt have “cleared things”, you have actually made them worse" wrote
"Welele inganekwane" wrote Chief Justice Jnr
"what you did to Pearl cannot be didn't shame it's sad...Pearl is that friend who's always trying to support her friends but they don't see her xem nkalla gore that was cold n I don't even see what the guy was doing to help you coz he was absolutely doing nothing ur excuse" wrote Mapula
Pearl Thusi have not said anything as yet.

"Also. Y’all keep saying I don’t need to explain myself so you can push the narrative that entertains you. I was never mean to Pearl.. not at all…" wrote DJ Zinhle
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