DJ Zinhle’s journey to self-love

The DJ and businesswoman has reminded us about the importance of loving ourselves.

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DJ Zinhle focused on loving herself... for now

You’re probably heard how important it is to love yourself. But how many people can actually say they’ve mastered the art of genuinely loving and being kinder to themselves?

DJ Zinhle is on a journey to loving herself better. In a recent blog post titled Loving yourself part 1, baby Kairo’s mother admitted that she doesn’t even remember the last time she looked at herself in the mirror and said “I love you Zinhle”.


“How often do I look at myself and say ‘you are beautiful’ and mean it? Does my face light up when I see a reflection of myself as I am window shopping? Do I pull out a picture of myself look at it and kiss it because I love myself,” she wrote.

She said she believes that the idea of self-love has been distorted. “Wearing the best clothes, driving a beautiful car, wearing make-up and all the other external things are great but I do not think they are a full expression of self-love. They are just a fraction. A drop in the ocean. Self-love is internal. It’s about the internal dialogue you have with yourself everyday."

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The mother of one encouraged people to use their thoughts to build themselves. “Talk to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself the same way you would treat your precious baby.” The successful businesswoman admitted that she wants to get to a point where she loves herself completely.

She added: “I am currently single and I do not believe that I can attract true and pure love if I have not expressed and felt that alone with myself. How will I know how it feels like if I have not felt it?”

Zinhle went as far as encouraging readers to set reminders on their phones to be repeated daily. “The reminder should tell you 5 amazing things about yourself.”

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Meanwhile DJ Zinhle has been working closely with Somizi for the Albany boot camp sessions that have been taking place in the month of August. 

Zinhle and Somizi have invited numerous ladies in media  to come join them for a hard work out session as they sweat off all the stress and any other winter baggage that they may have picked during winter.

Somizi and DJ Zinhle

Work it!

Dj zinhle

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