Emmy Gee: Spending Rands and Nairas

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Emmy Gee might not be a household name as yet, but his catchy debut single, Rands & Nairas has helped him take a massive step towards achieving that status. After hearing a few seconds of this song you cannot help but break into the money dance.  ZAlebs caught up with the Nigerian rapper to find out more about his new-found fame and plans for the future.


Rands & Nairas has been making waves on the local hip hop front, are you surprised at the positive response?

Actually, when we recorded it, we knew the song was going to be big, but not as big as it has become because you can never fully predict the success of a song.  But after the hard work we put into this single I can attest to the success this song deserves.

You featured A.B Crazy on this track. Between the two of you, who wrote the hook of the song and how was it being in the studio with such a talented artist?

A.B Crazy is a close friend of mine.  I’ve known him for about two years and I’ve always told him that we were going to produce a song together.  So every time we hung out, he’d ask me when we’re making a song. At the time I didn’t want to rush into it and risk making a blunder out of the good musical relationship I have with him. But when I heard this beat from my producer, the first person I thought of was A.B Crazy. I then called him up, made him listen to the track and he was absolutely blown away.  He was the one that wrote the hook, I just explained to him that I wanted a song that represented the unity between South Africa and Nigeria and as you heard, he did justice.

We like that you mention African unity. In your opinion where do you see the South African/Nigerian relationship going in the next 10 to 20 years?

I really compare the relationship we have as a husband and wife type of situation. It’s a beautiful thing that just shows the strong connection that both countries have and to just motivate the entire continent to get together and make some feel-good music for the people.

Do you foresee an African tour in the future?

Yes! So many African artists have a lot to offer the continent, but it’s starting to happen now actually.  I know a lot of Nigerian artists who are touring Uganda, Botswana and Zimbabwe so it’s not even in the future, its happening now. 

The music video has just been released and it looks great, how was it swerving through the streets of Johannesburg in that Lamborghini/Bentley?

The theme of the music video was about having fun and just enjoying ourselves. So I called two of my friends who own a Lamborghini and Bentley to share the fun of making a music video with me.  The director was also cool with it to, and before I knew it the video set had turned into this huge party between my Nigerian and South African friends, which was perfect because initially that's what the song is about, unity amongst my African friends and enjoying life to the fullest whilst we spend these nairas and rands.

Moving away from Emmy Gee the rapper, who are you as a son, brother and just all round guy?

Emmy Gee is the last born of four siblings, my real name is Emmanuel Nwankwo and I’m basically just an easy going type of guy who had his whole schooling career in Nigeria - oh, and yes I was born and bred there. And I guess the musical bug bit me back in 2002 and from there on I’ve never looked back.