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The BIG CEO set to release new music.

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Emtee started his own record label and believes this will give him the freedom of speech and freedom of expression, which will lead him to reach his maximum potential as a musician and creative.

The Manado smash hit artist believes that through ATM, he will be the Big CEO in Africa and will be promoting a lot of music.

So here's how Emtee has made a name for himself. 

Emtee Ambitiouz Records

Emtee has urged fans to stop listening his platinum selling album 'Avery' because he has not received any royalties from it.

Emtee and former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment are still at loggerheads over Emtee's exit from the disgraced label.

The rapper will not stop till the label has paid its dues and given him what's rightfully his.

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Emtee Age

Emtee was born on the 5th of September in 1992. He is 27-years-old.

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Emtee Family

The rapper was born in Matatiele which is in the Eastern Cape.

Emtee and his family moved to Johannesburg due to work purposes and they stayed in Soweto, which is where his career began. He had a stage performance at Yeoville Primary School during the school's talent show at the age of nine.

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From therein, Emtee began learning the art of producing, recording and delivering his lyrics through Zulu and English. The songwriter eventually joined a choir at Barnato, when he was in high school. Through his musical ear and understanding of the instruments - he became the youngest choir conductor. 

Throughout his high school journey, he was part of the marimba band which was known to be the best in several inter-provincial competitions and collected several awards. Emtee had a song in 2010, with Maraza - A South African rapper, where they created, In To Win It which was received as a great hit at the time. 

Emtee Education

The rapper went to Yeoville Primary School which is in Yeoville, Johannesburg. In primary school, he won a talent show competition following his great stage performance, which was his first in life. 

He furthered his studies and went to Barna to Secondary School. At this age, he knew what he was going for and had mastered playing different instruments and was popularly known for Marimba. 

Emtee Girlfriend 

Emtee is in a relationship with Nicole Kendall Chinsamy. They are blessed with two children. She first had a child in 2015, Avery - when Emtee released his debut album dedicating it to his child. They were blessed with their second born in 2018.

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Nichole has revealed that she was shocked when she found out she was pregnant again, during her interview with Drum, Nichole revealed, “how shocked she was when she first found out she was pregnant with her second child”.

The rapper has revealed his dreams of marrying Nichole sooner but he believes it cannot be as hoped due to her academics. According to the musician, “she wants to complete her studies and start a business before they can walk down the aisle”.

She finally completed her studies in 2019 and we can expect it at any moment.

Emtee Career

Ambitiouz Entertainment 

The musician started his career at a young age where he had his stage performance in primary school and was a well-known provincial marimba champion alongside his high school band. 

Taking the industry through stages of learning, he first had his recorded song in 2010 with the rapper Maraz. The song is called In To Win It. 

He worked his way through the industry and released his debut single in 2015, Roll Up. The musician had his career breaker with the song because it had great airplay, the song peaked at number one on YFM's DJ Speedsta's hip hop charts. The rapper also managed to peak at number two on the local iTunes hip hop/rap chart.

The song was downloaded over 500 000 times and RiSA has certified it to be three times platinum.

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During the same year, he released his debut album, Avery - which the title is the name of his firstborn. The attention he had gathered with Roll Up worked for him as his album matched the standard of his first single. 

The album peaked in January 2016, and it was at the top of the South African Hip Hop Chart. The album was certified in July 2016 by RiSA to have sold over 40 000 units. 

Over three songs in the album are certified platinum by RiSA this includes, Pearl Thusi, We Up, Roll Up, and Roll Up Remix which had featured the South African heavyweight rapper, Kernan Forbes also known by his stage name, AKA and featured the Nigerian star rapper, Wizkid

African Trap Movement

Following the controversy under Ambitiouz Entertainment, the rapper decided to finally leave the record label in 2019.

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He is now signed under his record label, African Trap Movement and has been working on an EP which he aims to release sometime in 2020. 

Under his new record label, the rapper Emtee has already blessed his fans with two new singles Wave and Brand New Day which are on high rotation.

Speaking on the new music - Emtee has urged his fans that he will be making different types of music as he will be working under his own will, he said in his interview with IOL" it is going to be different because I have freedom of creativity now, freedom of speech. I'll be touching on important topics which I've always wanted to touch on as well as the fun one"

The rapper is working on a new album, Johustleburg - which aimed at showing the economical and livity of Johannesburg as a creative. 

Emtee Awards & Nominations

Emtee had his debut album in 2015 which had most hits recorded as platinum with RiSA and has ever since shown dominance in different awards through his trap music and storytelling.

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In his five years of activity, Emtee has won the following awards:

2015 - Song of the at the South African Hip Hop Awards 

2015 - Best Remix ‘Roll Up’ at the South African Hip Hop Awards 

2015 - Best Hip Hop Album ‘Avery’ at Metro FM Music Awards 

2015 - Listeners Choice award at the Metro FM Music Awards 

2016 - Best New International Act at the 2016 BET Awards Viewers’ 

2016 - Amstel Record of the Year at the 22nd South African Music Awards 

2016 - Best Rap Album at the 22nd South African Music Awards

Emtee Controversy

The musician's lifestyle has always been questioned but so many in the public eye. In 2018, he was seen in a video where Lerato Kganyago was warning him about his lifestyle. In the video, she said, “You’re gonna die, whatever that you’re drinking here, you’re gonna die”.

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After the video which he collapsed on stage, it raised several eyebrows in the entertainment industry and has even led to the media mogul, Bob Mabena to comment and advise the musician to seek help. 

Mabena also sent out a video pleading for Emtee to get some help.

"..Like many of you, I've watched the Emtee video and I saw a troubled young man. Some people choose to laugh and some people lamented the sadness of what they saw.” - Bob Mabena

The presenter added by saying “I choose to pray for him, I'm saddened by what happened and the fact that he was put on that stage in that condition saddens me even more. So yeah, I choose to pray for Emtee. Get some help, my brother."

Emtee's drinking and substance use started becoming a concern in 2017 when the musician mistakenly showed his manhood in a live video on Instagram. Fans speculated that the musician was probably intoxicated but he explained during TrendingSA, and he shared that he didn't regret it. His response was, "...it's more famous than a lot of people..."

Emtee has been on the news for different reasons and he was recently seen on social media in battle with his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment

The record label has had a reputation of being financially abusive to its artists and due to that, many artists have decided to leave the record label and either go on their solo career or join a new record label. The following artists left the record label; Areece, Amanda Black, Saudi, Fifi Cooper, Flame and Priddy Ugly and many more artists. 

Emtee decided enough was enough and left the record label in August 2019. Their conclusion wasn't healthy and ended up being a battle taken to the Twitter streets. 

The rapper urged the record label to stop using his name to promote their artists. He also shared how the record label would take credit for his work. 

He shared a moment which occurred at the SA Hip Hop Awards, “I remember my first win was at the South African Hip Hop Awards. I was very happy and everyone was congratulating me while I had the award in my hand. The boss man then comes up behind and says, ‘Give me what’s mine’. When I checked, the award had my name on it.”

Due to the battles, the musician requested to have his awards back and he will return the car that Ambitiouz Entertainment bought for him. The battle between Ambitiouz Entertainment and rapper Emtee is far from over and it's gotten so serious that the matter is now in front of the courts.

According to a report by Sunday World, Emtee and the label are in court over his royalties and personal achievements from the stable. The publication reports that Emtee is demanding that Ambitiouz release his royalties all the way from his debut album Avery, released in 2015.

Emtee Business

After the legal battles and fighting to be released from his previous record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, Emtee started his record label, Africa Trap Movement (ATM) which he believes will be a company which will be truthful, transparent and grow their artists.

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Emtee Net Worth

Emtee has an estimated net worth of R5 Million which he accumulated from the recording business, singing, his brand endorsements, and business deals.

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Despite challenges that Emtee faces in the music industry, the star remains focused to keep giving good music.

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