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It is becoming a norm nowadays where celebrities are blasting their house helpers on social media. Reality TV star Faith Nketsi-Njilo is no exception as she takes to social media to lambast her house helper for the whole world to see.

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Not so long ago Faith Nketsi-Njilo was all over social media blasted her previous house helpers for stealing from her. The Malawian family took of some Nketsi-Njilo's valuable items including very expensive brand bags and flee the country.

Nketsi-Njilo took to Twitter to ask her fans and followers with the current issues she is having with her new house helpers. In her rant, Nketsi-Njilo is lambasting her house helper for not doing everything she asks her to do around the house.

"GUYS! Sizani. Uaunty is great at what she does ne. But for some reason, I get a weird vibe when I ask her to assist me, but I thought I won’t address it because it could just be in my head. Before I carry on,she was referred to us by a family members aunty…" wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

Nketsi-Njilo continues to mention that her house helper doesn't want to help in the house, especially her. However, she goes above and beyond to assist the husband with everything he needs around the house.

After the exchange both Nketsi-Njilo and her house helper, that was followed by the helper complaining to her husband that she is being treated like a slave.

"I come downstairs and find her crying literal tears as she’s explaining to my husband what happened (my husband was upstairs looking for my glue at the time this whole thing happened). Husband is so confused at this point but i didn’t have time to talk. I came back and me and Aunty are beefing in my house! She’s not talking to me I’m not talking to her. She even sitting on the other side of the house. Husband gets home and we spoke, he tells me that she told him her version of what happened" wrote Nketsi-Njilo

What has strike the nerve with Nketsi-Njilo is how her house helper complains about being an elderly person, who has kids who are the same age as Nketsi-Njilo. Nketsi-Njilo find this odd because she feel as though her house helper is low-key wishing for the husband for her own kids, since they are the same age as Nketsi-Njilo.

"She then went to tell him that she’s shocked at how I spoke to her like she’s a slave and she’s just here to help(siya babisana) the for she doesn’t understand where the disrespect comes from and she has kids my age. Now what annoys me is that I’m now feeling uncomfortable in my own home. There’s a big elephant in the room and I don’t know where to even start. The only reason why I’ve never addressed any prior issues I’ve had with her is because umuntu omdala" wrote Nketsi-Njilo

Even tweeps are urging Nketsi-Njilo to let her house helper go because tey feel as though she probably has plans for her husband with her own kids.

"Let her go. "I have kids your age". thol'kuthi she has seen uBaba fit for one of her kids your age(if she has daughters). Before ku mosheka dismiss her" wrote  Boitumelo Tlou
"Next the “kids her age” start coming to the house all in the name of helping their mother because she’s old kanti noh they want to get close to the man" wrote Katt
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