Five hits that made us believe that Ambitiouz is here to stay

We celebrate the small victories that Ambitiouz has attained thus far.

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Ambitiouz Entertainment

Ambitiouz Entertainment is a force to be reckoned with. They have the talent, the money, the coverage and did we mention the talent? Okay, well, it still needs to be mentioned twice.

We can talk about all that but at the end of the day one other thing forms the basis of a labels dopeness: its hits. That's why we're highlighting the 5 songs that we feel have made Ambitiouz a household name. 

1. Emtee - Roll Up

Emtee opened up the floodgates for Ambitiouz with this hit. The first time I even heard of it was back when doing promo-work on Twitter was a thing and everyone I followed was tweeting about this song. This basically became their strategy for all their releases Fifi, A-Reece, etc..create curiosity and back that up with actually nice music.

Emtee - Roll Up

2. DJ Citilyts Ft. Sjava x Saudi

The Twitter strategy I mentioned above was used for this song also. I was eventually overtaken by curiosity and decided to listen to the song. I was actually shook at how good it was. Sjava delivered a solid verse, but SAUDI. Listen. Saudi. Lord. 


3. Miss Pru Ft. Ambitiouz yonke - Ameni

These clique filled songs started becoming a thing in the Ambitiouz camp. Miss Pru summoned all the Ambitiouz superheros to make it happen. No seriously, the video had each of the artists as superheroes. Yeah, besides the questionable plot of the video the song cemented their status. 


4. Sjava & Maphorisa - Ngempela

Sjava cemented his multitalented self on this song. Not only could he rap, but he could also lay down a young note or 2. This collaboration propelled him into superstardom and made it easy for him to be a household name. Little did we know this was just the beginning of his rise. 

Sjava Ngempela

5. LaSauce Ft. Amanda Black - I do

Take away the fake wedding/proposal meant to amp up people to go watch and listen to the song and you have a beautiful song which didn't need all those bells and whistles to win peoples hearts. But lets talk about the video quickly: I was suspicious when I saw Priddy and Bontle in Xhosa attire knowing full well they wasn't Xhosa. But asikho lapho. 


Which other songs has the label made that you mess with? 

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