Jesse Suntele opens up about his new role on Rhythm City

Yay! the hunk is back on our screens, as a bad boy again.

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So, Jesse Suntele had a lot of women hot and bothered when he took the role of a dirty cop on The Queen. Some women even confessed that they would not have minded if they were arrested by Jesse's character if such an opportunity ever presented itself.

Unfortunately, his role on The Queen ended sooner than expected but fret not ladies, the hunk is coming back on our television screens.

Etv has announced that Jesse will embark on his new role as Nqaba, [Suffocate's son] from a previous marriage.

"Nqaba is a suave, intelligent and good-looking young man with a good head on his shoulders. He has clean and sober habits, but he occasionally goes out for a drink with friends or alone after a stressful day. Girls gravitate towards him like bees on honey and he knows it, but he is by no means a player. He simply loves the attention. Despite his charm and laid-back appearance, Nqaba is quick with his fists when provoked - he is, after all, Suffocate’s son." Read the statement.


ZAlebs caught up with the actor to hear more of his thoughts and learnings from Nqaba.

  • What has been the most important lesson that your character has taught you thus far?

Nqaba has taught me to keep your eye on the prize, I mean you can overcome “almost” any adversity through sheer will.

  • Nqaba seems like quite the trouble-maker and you come across as the total opposite, what would you say makes you and him similar?

The one thing we have in common is that despite the problems or challenges he faces, at a particular point in time – he always keeps the bigger picture in mind and focuses on the end goal.

Jesse Suntele
  • Is there any valuable lesson Mduduzi "Suffocate" Mabaso has taught you about the craft of acting whenever you guys are about performing a scene?

Yes, he taught me to not sweat the small stuff and also to take notes and not overthink and to always do me.

  • Please take us through the day you auditioned for Nqaba and did you think you would get the role?

The day I auditioned for Nqaba, I’ll be honest I was nervous – for two reasons"

-      Nqaba is Zulu speaking which means I had to learn a new language because I am not Zulu.

-       I didn’t think I was fit to be a part of a soapie such as Rhythm City, that has been running for so long and houses so many legends in the acting industry.

Jesse 2
  • Is Nqaba the type of character Rhythm City viewers will love or hate?

Definitely love, although he tends to do bad things from time to time, they are all done with good intentions at heart.

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