A Look At Jub Jub's 2022 Comeback

From rape allegations levelled against him to getting cancelled, the TV host eventually made a triumphant return in 2022

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It is without a doubt that Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub, had a drama-filled year. From the rape allegations leveled against him by Amanda Du-Pont and other women in 20221, Jub Jub had his fair of negative press this year.

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After what many called the "end of his career" the singer made a huge comeback following his suspension on Uyajola 9/9. Let's take a look at Jub Jub's top scandals and how he survived 2022.

Jub Jub made headlines in 2021 after actress Amanda Du-Pont accused him of rape following his controversial remarks on Podcast And Chill With MacG, where he claimed he 'smashed' Amanda Du Pont.

The actress went on Instagram live and accused Jub Jub of rape. She claimed Jub Jub violated her for two years and said at the time she was a virgin. “No, you didn’t smash me, you raped me, you forcibly opened my legs, forced me myself for two years and made me believe that there was no way out. . The most painful part of all of this was that I was a virgin and I told him at the time. I told Jub Jub at the time that I was a virgin and I planned to be a virgin until the time I got married,” claimed Amanda.

In a statement, Jub Jub apologized for the remarks he used during the interview, "It was inappropriate for me to discuss the intimate details of my relationship with Ms. Du Pont in public. I deeply regret the incident,"

He further apologized for humiliating Amanda: "I also apologize to my fans and the public for the inappropriate language I used during the interview." In closing, he said: "With regards to the accusations leveled against me by Amanda and others I have decided to make a room for the law to take its course and I request the media and the public to do the same," he concluded.

Moja Love distanced itself from Jub Jub's remarks and said it had suspended the star. “Jub Jub conducted an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, which aired on Channel O yesterday, in his personal capacity. Moja Love was not part of the editorial of that interview and is not associated with the content thereof.

“As a channel we don't condone any gender-based violence in any way and under any circumstances. As Moja Love, we have decided to suspend Jub Jub.”

Jub Jub returned to Uyajola9/9 later this year after he went through "stringent sensitivity training" as was required of him by the channel. Moja TV channels head Bokani Moyo told Channel 24 that Jub Jub promised that his personal life would not interfere with his work.

"He has also apologised and withdrew his harsh statements, especially to the mother of his child, Kelly Khumalo. Jub Jub has requested that he deals with personal matters privately and has assured us that this will not interfere with his work, and as the channel, we respect that," he said.

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