Kabelo Mabalane releases tell-all book

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Kabelo Mabalane  | Top of The

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Kabelo signed copies of the book for fans who showed up for the launch at Exclusive Books.

Danny K and several other celebrities came out to support Kabelo on the night.

The ten-time SAMA award winner shares his struggle with drug addiction in the book, admitting he spent R1-million on cocaine. 

“I had checked out of rehab at the end of 2002. Between the launches of my second and my fourth solo albums, I was busy staying clean, I was touring and performing. I put on weight so gradually that I didn’t really notice it until one morning in 2004. I sat down on my bed and I literally couldn’t tie my shoelaces. Usually I could just take a deep breath, I would suck in my gut, and then I would just manage to get down. And suddenly I couldn’t.” he writes in the book. 

Kabelo, who has run eight Comrades Marathons, also shares advice for runners and training programmes. 

The Pantsula for Life rapper has overcome his struggles and is now living a clean and happy life with his wife Gail and "cute as a button" daughter, Zoe

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