Tweeps Gives Lasizwe Dambuza Grief For His Lackluster Video

What was once funny is no longer funny for the tweeps

By  | Feb 15, 2023, 07:01 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Top of the

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Tweeps are outraged at Lasizwe Dambuza following his video he uploading, mocking the possible terrorists attacks that has been reported on. The skit, has angered a number of tweeps which has led to Lasizwe being called out as unfunny.

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Dark humor jokes are still considered as funny even though they do rub some possible the wrong way. Lasizwe Dambuza has fallen victim to being called out for mocking something so serious and concerning by turning it into a laughable joke.

Sadly, Lasizwe jokes did not land as tweeps are calling him out for not being funny anymore. In the video, Lasizwe teamed up with the hottest social media content creator 'Moghelingz', that did not help either, as both content creators have been booed on Twitter for their lackluster video.

"This will be us on Saturday in Sandton! Come rain or shine, bomb or no bomb!" wrote Lasizwe
A number of tweeps did not mince their words, as they were brutally honest to tell Lasizwe and Moghelingz what time it was. Retweeting Lasizwe's video, tweeps left nothing unsaid as they blatantly told Lasizwe that he has lost his spark and he is just not funny anymore.

"lasizwe has been so so painfully unfunny all my life like wow, I always exit the videos frowning" wrote Thaaandazo
"when your crush is on the tl laughing at lasizwe videos and it hits you that it could never work out between the two of you >>>" wrote AntagoniZt
Tweeps are more upset at Lasizwe and Moghelingz making a joke out of a possible life threatening moment that is currently being dealt with even by the president. Tweeps dubbing the video cringe-worthy and unsettling, is their way of disapproving the making a joke of something that is concerning.

"Hanging out with Lasizwe will make you do boring stuff like this. Just chill with him, don't post stuff like this. Kuyabhora kanti phela wena awubhori" wrote uNtando
"Whats pissing me off is the fact that BOTH of you guys thought this was funny" wrote Ratii
"LaSizwe doesn't know how to be funny. Like akakwazi. All he did in his ride to stardom is dramatise jokes that comedians have been making since 1994" wrote ZinteIM
Lasizwe has taken to Twitter let people that he is not moved by the backlash or the outrage.

"If you take Twitter people to heart, you will definitely ruin your day. Tough Crowd" wrote Lasizwe
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