Lebo Sekgobela on not letting her history of abuse defeat her

Instead, her experience of abuse made her become an even stronger woman.

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Earlier in the year, Gospel singer, Lebo Sekgobela had opened up about her being sexually abused at the age of 11-years-old. She further spoke about the abuse in her recent interview on  Touch HD.

Lebo was first raped by her sister's friend and then by a neighbour, the first time it had happened she was 6-years-old and the second time it happened she was 11-years-old. 

The two sexual assaults, later in life taught Lebo to be an even stronger woman not only for herself but for other women who have gone through the same ordeal.

"When it happened for the second time, I did not know that it was going to happen because by then it just happened, but then I realised that this is a similar thing that happened to me before. But now I'm stronger, now I'm braver, I can fight for somebody else who is going through that, to encourage them to stand up for themselves and say NO to the abuse."

Lebo also pleaded for parents to always be attentive to their children's behaviour and explained the importance of always talking to your kids as a parent.

"The problem we have as parent's is that we never have time to speak to our children and when we don't do that we don't even identify the many issues that they're going through. At home when you have dinner, your son or your daughter is either watching TV and you're sitting in your bedroom eating, you don't have that family time. 

If you're sitting around the table eating together, you will see that there is something wrong, if you are a parent and you start opening up about such things with your children you open up the door for discussion with your kids and then you will see if there is a problem with your kids."

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