Londie London Allegedly Flees Her House Following Cheating Rumors

Tweeps are saying she is losing him how she found him

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There seems to be no end in sight with drama in Mzansi celebville as singer and reality TV star Londie London is reportedly to be at loggerheads with her fiance. According to social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, Londie London has moved out of her house following cheating rumors by her fiance.

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Entertainment blogger Musa Khawula has made damning claims over reality TV star and singer Londie London who has been reportedly to have left her Hillcrest house due to cheating allegations from her fiance, Hlubi Nkosi. Londie London who has just wrapped her first season as cast member on the hit Reality TV show, the Real Housewives of Durban may be breathing through the wound if the rumors are certainly true.

Taking to social media, Musa Khawula has announced the most shocking news surrounding Londie London and her fiance Hlubi Nkosi, reportedly to be at loggerheads. Khawula relays how Londie London has flee her Hillcrest house that she shares with her fiance and their little bundle of joy over cheating allegations leveled against her fiance.

"Londie London moves out of her Hillcrest home she shared with her gangster looking fiancé Hlubi Nkosi. Hlubi allegedly impregnated another woman known as Phumla M. It is said Hlubi is considering taking Phumla M as his 2nd wife and are said to have been dating for 2 years" wrote Musa Khawula

In another post, Musa Khawula has also dragged Londie London for filth while accusing her of stealing her fiance, Hlubi Nkosi from another lady named Kim Kholiwe. If it the rumors are true then this could only mean that it is karma paying Londie London a visit this time around.

"Did you know that a couple of years back Londie London snatched Hlubi Nkosi from Kim Kholiwe? Phumla M is set on snatching Hlubi Nkosi from Londie London" wrote Musa Khawula

According to Musa Khawula, it is alleged that Londie London's fiance Hlubi Nkosi is allegedly considering on taking this new lady named Phumla M as a second wife and the pair is reportedly to have been dating for over two years. Also, Hlubi Nkosi has been reportedly to have impregnated the mystery lady.

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Tweeps are sent into a frenzy over the news, as they are calling out Londie London for failing to keep her man. They have lambasted Londie London with the phrase that she is losing her man the same way she got him, which could only mean that they are convinced with the news that Londie London actually snatched her fiance, Hubi Nkosi from another woman as Musa Khawula has previously stated.

In the same token, other tweeps have lambasted the mystery lady said to be allegedly pregnant by Londie London's fiance. Tweeps are calling Phumla M out for allegedly sleeping with Londie London's fiance and even getting pregnant with him knowing that he is engaged to be married to Londie. The topic about money has taken precedence in this instance, as Tweeps are accusing Phumla M for being power hungry and after Hlubi Nkosi's money.

Neither Londie London nor her fiance Hlubi Nkosi has come forth to clear the air surrounding the news that are making rounds on social media.

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