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Lootlove and Sizwe breakup but agree to co-parent

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Luthando Shosha, who is famously known as' Lootlove is a mother of twins who continues to work her way to the top of the media industry in order to afford her babies the best life she wants them to have. 

Lootlove is a radio host, a television presenter and a fashion icon that many look up to. 

After several attempts to be on Metro FM, Lootlove finally scored a deal in 2016 working alongside DJ Speedsta, they were complimented as the dynamic duo.

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Being known for her sense of fashion and her hairstyles, Lootlove isn't only a presenter, but a motivational figure to females. She encourages them to embrace their femininity and will do anything to support women that are trolled on social media, standing behind female figures who are shamed on social media. 

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Here's Lootlove's biography and all you need to know about her rise to fame. 

Lootlove Age

Lootlove was born on the 9th of March in 1989. She is 31-years-old. 

Lootlove Early Life

Lootlove was born in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. The presenter was born and raised in the Eastern Cape and eventually moved to Johannesburg for her tertiary studies.

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After failing to complete her examinations, she went back to Eastern Cape where she started doing promotional work. Lootlove grew up with the  strong support of her mother.

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Lootlove Education

Lootlove went to Collegiate Girls High School. 

After matric, she studied Interior Design at the  Design School Southern Africa (DSSA) in Johannesburg. Lootlove however, didn’t get to write her final exams at DSSA due to financial difficulties and this is when she returned to Port Elizabeth. 

Lootlove Boyfriend

Lootlove and Sizwe, popularly known as Reason were blessed with twin daughters, whose names are Zanothando and Sisizwe.

The names of the twins are inspired by their parents' names which are Lootlove’s name Luthando and Reason whose real name is Sizwe. If the names of Lootlove and Reason are written together they form Esisizwe siZanothando, which means “The nation brings love” in isiXhosa

In 2020 Lootlove  and Reason parted ways.

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Lootlove announced the breakup on social media saying: 

Sizwe and I have separated, however, we continue to partner gracefully in raising our beautiful kids. I think anyone going through something this complex and painful, would understand why I wouldn’t want anyone to have a front-row seat to my grieving & healing..,” she said.

Lootlove also said that despite their separation, she and Reason remain friends and will collectively be raising their baby girls. “It is important to mention that Sizwe and I remain friends and really want to focus on raising our happy, healthy and loved up baby girls,” she said.

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Lootlove Career

Lootlove started her career at Kingfisher FM where she did a voice over job for the radio show. Growing the love for doing voice overs and presenting, she was confident enough to start taking entering into competitions. 
She entered the SABC 1 Live Presenter search competition in 2011 which she won and which helped her break into the mainstream SA entertainment industry.

Lootlove had her debut on Liveamp in 2012 besides Bonang Matheba. As she had a successful debut and great season of presenting, Lootlove then hosted the Urban Music show.

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Lootlove was the host of MTV European awards red carpet event which was hosted in London.

Following her massive successes, Lootlove has appeared on magazine covers such as True Love, Elle SA, Bona and others.

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In 2017, Lootlove became a host for the MTV show - The Come Up.  During the same year, she started working at Metro FM after years of attempting to be the station's presenter, she finally had the chance with DJ Speedsta.

She used to host a hip hop show tagged Absolute Hip Hop on Metro FM; pairing with DJ Speedsta every Saturday. Sadly, she parted ways with Metro FM after serving as a presenter for four years. 

She posted a series of tweets thanking DJ Speedsta for the journey they shared,

 "I remember exactly where I was when I heard we’d be teaming up, more blown away by the fact that I had mentioned to someone in passing, that if I had to team up with anyone when it came to radio, it would be you. You were at Y at the time, little did I know that God was listening and it would all unfold in less than a month," 
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Lootlove Fashion Style & Hair Styles

Lootlove’s look has always been the people's favourite. Her posts on social medis show how she puts together the different ensembles that can be dressed for different occasions.

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Lootlove is known for her different hairstyles including Faux-locs, short hair, and the different kinds of hairstyles that she has seasonally.

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Even when she was pregnant, Lootlove was turning heads and if you think pink is too girlish, ask Lootlove.

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Lootlove  Endorsements 

Lootlove was chosen as one of the South African ambassadors for the cosmetic giant Revlon for their live boldly campaign.

Lootlove collaborated with Footwork SA for their 2017 winter campaign.

She won an award for the most innovative style at the Style awards later in 2017.

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Lootlove Controversy 

Lootlove is known to have clapbacks whenever a troll tries to come for her on social media. The presenter had numerous attacks on Twitter and moments where she shared how the media industry had been in her life. 

Lootlove losing a deal due to pregnancy 

During an episode of The Sobering Podcast, Lootlove shared that she lost a deal worth R250k after she revealed to the specific brand that she was pregnant at the time. 

This subject became a topic of discussion after the ladies were asked about their views with regards to Nike's work ethics. The brand also got criticized for its treatment towards sponsored athletes who became pregnant.

"I remember exactly where I was when I heard we’d be teaming up, more blown away by the fact that I had mentioned to someone in passing, that if I had to team up with anyone when it came to radio, it would be you. You were at Y at the time, little did I know that God was listening and it would all unfold in less than a month," Lootlove said

Lootlove defending Miss Universe

One troll's disrespectful tweet about Zozibini Tunzi angered many South Africans who came out guns blazing to defend Zozibini. The person was negative towards the looks of Miss Universe, Zozibini. 

"Zozibini will not win Miss Universe. That girl is ugly she looks like a boy. She didn't even deserve to win Miss South Africa. Stop fooling yourselves. #zoziformissuniverse"

This tweet had twitter users rallying to support Zozibini and Lootlove being one of them. 

Lootlove’s response, “One day we will learn there are different kinds of beauty. To you, looking like a boy is an insult, to her: she broke barriers with that same look. The first of her kind to win and represent in a pageant. She is used to the likes of you pulling her down so she will soar higher.

One definite thing about Lootlove is that she will never be phased by the negative comments that people throw at her. She's only focused on being the best mom she can be to her baby girls.

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