Part1: Getting to know Mandisa Nakana Taylor

ZAlebs speaks to former Yo TV presenter, Mandisa Nakana Taylor.

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If you grew up in the 90’s and were an avid Yo TV viewer, you would know that one of the most entertaining presenters of the bunch was the bubbly Mandisa Nakana Taylor. Fast forward to a couple of years later and Mandisa is not only a wife and a mother, but a woman of substance. We caught up with Mandisa to learn more about her family, life in the UK and the fond memories she had of YO.TV back in the days.

What was the inspiration behind creating your YouTube channel, did you experience a life-changing moment that led to the creation of this channel?

Well, I needed a creative outlet, and since I've still got a year left to finish my degree, 'working from home' seemed like the way to go. I love broadcasting, and I'm so comfortable in front of the camera, I was able to combine that passion, with my new found love for the virtues. I say 'new' but there's nothing new about the virtues, they just need revival in this material world.

I was raised in a Baha'i home and had it instilled in me that we are noble beings, not the kind of noble that comes with a top hat or a title, but one that means striving each day to be of service to humanity somehow. So, on Youtube, I'm my own boss, and that means I can talk about stuff that matters to me, whilst doing what I love. and no, I haven't started making money out of it...yet.

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Many South Africans still have a great interest in you, partially because of the significant role you played in their childhood whilst on Yo.TV. What was the most memorable moments of your Yo.TV days?

Where do I begin? From the phone call from my agent telling me I got the job, to interviewing one of the most influential souls to pass through this world. First and foremost, I love, present tense, love, the people I worked with.

From the original trio (Entle, Siphiwe and Byron) to all the newbies that came after, there is a bond that can only be understood by people who have shared a steep learning experience together.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with Disney on Cartoon Cafe was a game changer, we were able to share the 'only the kids who can afford MNet' programs with EVERYBODY!

Yo.TV crossed superficial lines like colour, and social status by recruiting a group of kids who came from every colour and background imaginable. How did this happen? In a country only two years into its democracy! AND they found talented kids who pulled it off. Ask anyone, from any other country, and they'll tell you it's freakin' amazing!

Are you and your family planning on visiting SA again?

We've visited a few times. In fact, in 2011, the youngest member of our family, Rafael was born in Tshwane, where I grew up! His middle name is Kaya. Our most recent trip was last year, where I got to celebrate my 30th! 

What have your children taught you about yourself since becoming a mom?

Being a mom has brought out, and 'polished' a number of virtues. I never knew my capacity to be patient or the fact that I can be orderly, I thought that was reserved for 'left brained' people, and not scatter brained creatives.

I sometimes look at the them and I'm filled with awe, which by the way is another virtue. Being able to stand back and say 'wow' to the wonders of creation is a heart-warming and satisfying virtue, one we can experience everyday if we stop to look around.

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