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'Big Brother Mzansi' contestant Brumilda 'Lexi' van Niekerk has confirmed that she and show-winner Mandla Hlatshwayo are officially an item, and rubbished rumours that she's nothing but a gold digger.

Mandla and Lexi made waves during their time in the Big Brother house earlier this year, when they engaged in a steamy love-making session in the shower for all to see, but she had to leave him behind when she was voted out before he was.

Former Sebokeng spaza-shop owner Mandla ended up walking away with the million rand prize money, though, and both he and Lexi after the show ended admitted that they were unsure about the future.

Lexi, however, during a recent interview with Drum magazine confirmed that she's now officially Mandla's girlfriend.

"Remember, Mandla mentioned while still on the show that he was going to come around and take me out for coffee once he was done there. He kept his world. It's official - we're now in a relationship," she told the publication.

She also laughed off accusations that she's only after Mandla's prize money, insisting that she genuinely fell for him during their time together in the reality show house.

"Honestly, Mandla was so deserving of that money and I don't expect him to share it with me. It's his million and whatever he wants to do with it is his business," said the 25-year-old Capetonian.

"I know he's got business plans and I honestly hate the fact that people think I'm with him for his money. There's so much more to him as a person that his f*** million.

"I fell in love with him and we built a great foundation based on that friendship. I know what we feel for each other is genuine. So the talk is just unfounded speculation."

Lexi also revealed that she has plans of her own, and took the first step in realising them recently by moving from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

According to Drum, the former customer-care professional plans to embark on a showbiz career in radio and television, but is currently working on launching a range of shoes.


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