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His home was invaded

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Maps Maponyane was left perplexed after an unwarranted visitor came into his home during odd hours. The businessman who recently opened his third store under his Buns Out franchise in Norwood, got an unpleasant surprise visit from a bat, leaving him frightened.

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The nocturnal creature came into the actor's bedroom at 3AM. He said he caught the bat but set it free but what confused him was the fact that all his windows were closed as well as his doors.

"A bat was flying around my bedroom in the early hours of the morning (3am). When I realised what was happening, I caught it (and set it free again). All my windows and doors were closed, so I have no idea how it got in. I don't know what this means, but I'm hella confused," he shared. "It just doesn't make sense. I've been up trying to work it all out."

As people we all have different beliefs which are shaped by our backgrounds and upbringings. So one can imagine how his comments section looks like under those tweets. As Africans, such occurrences are never mistaken for being coincidental especially looking at the time of which he caught the bat.

Many people advised him to be cautious of his surroundings, the people he associates himself with because, according to tweeps, a bat coming into your home at 3AM is not a good sign, AT ALL.

One tweep wrote, β€œThe black person in u, is telling the truth listen to ya kuloya...” Another warned him saying ancestors are alerting him that someone might be attacking him spiritually, "Maybe it's time to go to a seer or medium. Sometimes ancestors use animals as warnings, or maybe someone I'd assaulting you traditionally.”

Others urged him to pray about it, whilst most told him he should have burnt the animal and not set it free. Maps laughed off all these messages instead.
His enemies probably do have every reason to be hateful because the businessman is doing very well for himself. He recently announced that he opened his 3rd burger joint under the Buns Out franchise. The second one is in Rosebank and the latest joint is in Norwood, Johannesburg.

Taking to Instagram he announced, "It's been challenging through the pandemic for us, but we've been lucky to have not closed down. Instead we've not only opened a new one in Rosebank, but also Norwood now... If you haven't been to our latest baby yet, you're in for a pleasant surprise and experience. Say hi to Madonna when you're there - you'll struggle to find a friendlier face with incredible service, anywhere else. Thank you for keeping us in business."

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