Musa Mseleku Continues To Rub Viewers The Wrong Way

Uthando Nesthembu off to an awful start

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Uthando Nes'thembu season six may be off the awful starts as viewers are already rubbed the wrong way by Musa Mseleku. Last night first episode to the new season may have been everything that the viewers needed to be reminded that Musa Mseleku is still the narcissistic that bullies and controls his wives.

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Viewers are already up in arms following the first episode of Uthando Nes'thembu newest season last night. Viewers immediately took to social media to call Musa Mseleku out on some of his behavior patterns that always aggravate the viewers where his wives are concerns.

"Nizwile? The Mseleku's are back! Ni ready, ni within? #UthandoNesthembu" wrote Mzansi Magic
Tweeps were certainly not jumping for how Musa Mseleku have managed to portray himself to the viewers, and continues to the common denominator between the squabbles amongst his wives, MaCele, MaYeni, MaNgwabe and MaKhumalo.

"Musa is rude, narcissist, manipulative and very arrogant. Then he'll say the wives hate him. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. Nonetheless, we love the show" wrote Tshegofatso
"First episode and Musa Mseleku is already making me angry. It's gonna be a very long season" wrote Tshegofatso
"Musa Mseleku has no heart. These women are crying and complaining and making valid points, as to why they don't want Isthembu but Musa is busy forcing them. Haibo this man is a narcissist argh" wrote Tshegofatso
Viewers are still wondering if Mseleku will be taking in wife number 5, following his wives not jumping for joy at the idea. MaKhumalo has been very adamant that there won't be wife number 5 after her. Viewers have since mocked MaKhumalo for her wishful thinking not coming to fruition, as Mseleku is adamant on wife number 5.

"uMbali wayethi uyilento ephezulu ekhekheni ngeke kusafunwa muntu after yena kanti mseleku only loves himself. I bet that even after taking no 5 he will have a side girlfriend" wrote Pearl Ngcongo
Meanwhile some viewers are convinced that MaNgwane is low key jealous of MaKhumalo.

"I think mangwabe is just jealous of MaK. I mean we have clearly seen that no one come close to Makhumalo in the Mseleku wives. Mbali is using kids to stir trouble because that's the only way to hurt Makhumalo. Can she leave pleease nxa!" wrote Victoria Mokwena
Tweeps have encouraged MaKhumalo to divorce Musa Mseleku once and for all, as they claim that she is slowly becoming toxic under Mseleku's wing.

"Mbali must just divorce mseleku ayeke nje ngama threats ai kunini so we can all move on, phela nathi sikulesithembu we can't be stuck because of her ai#Uthandonesthembu" wrote Melrose
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