Nasty C Biography: How His Nasty Name Became Known Across The World

Nasty C's bio is proof that dreams do come true.

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Nasty C-South African Artist
While most kids his age were outdoors riding their bikes, Nasty C was in the studio with his elder brother and buddies recording songs, something he has done since the was nine years old.

Before graduating from high school, Nasty C dropped his first mixtape, One Kid, a Thousand Coffins, and his debut EP, L.A.M.E (Levitating Above My Enemies). His smash song, Juice Back, was featured on his second mixtape, Price City. The song was instrumental in putting him on the map.

The Juice Back remix included Cassper Nyovest and Nigerian singer Davido, exposing Nasty C to a wider audience.

Hell Naw, the lead song from his debut studio album Bad Hair, won him a slew of honors, including "Song of the Year" at the Metro FM Awards in 2016. He also took home the awards for "Best Hip Hop Album" and "Best Male Album."

Strings and Bling, Nasty C's follow-up album, was also a hit. It was deemed one of the year's top hip-hop releases.

Nasty C appears to have no intention of slowing down in his quest to become one of the game's best young rappers. His brilliance has gotten him so many agreements, and at such a young age, he's already outperformed many of those who came before him in the profession.

Nasty C's biography tells the story of a young man with a huge dream who defied all odds.

Nasty C New Album

We always get excited when one of our favorite artists releases a new body of work, and Nasty C never disappoints.

Nasty C, a multi-platinum rapper from KZN who is also renowned as "Africa's coolest kid," released his long-awaited album Zulu Man With Some Power on Def Jam Recordings. The 20-track album comes after a long period of anticipation for Nasty C's major mainstream crossover, with fans all around the world eagerly expecting its release.

His hard work paid off, as the rapper told ZAlebs that fans can expect great songs from this masterpiece in an exclusive interview. T.I., Ari Lennox, Rowlene, Tellaman, and a few others are among the artists featured on the album. He answers when asked how he chooses his collaborations.

"It just happened naturally I guess because with regards to me and Tellaman whenever I feel like I have a song I call him and we get to the studio and make it. With the international guys it was a matter of them hearing about me, or the people that know me that side when they are in the studios they make the connections and all I do is just to find a song that is perfect send it and make it out."

However, there were numerous mistakes prior to the launch of the fantastic album, and the fans were not impressed. Not only were fans eager to hear the album, but they also wanted to show their support for Nasty C by consuming it through the proper and legal ways. Their joy was short-lived when his record was leaked online by numerous websites.

Many fans were outraged when Nasty C's album "ZMWSP" was made freely available for download before his official release date on August 28.

Pirating music is unlawful and should be stopped, but who is to blame in this case?

Nasty C Record Deal

This is a historic time for South Africa's Hip Hop industry because of Nasty C's work and talent.

The 23-year-old rapper has inked a significant record deal with Def Jam Recordings in the United States. A joint venture with Universal Music Africa makes this cooperation feasible.

On Thursday, the rapper made his formal US debut with Ebro Darden on Apple Music Beats 1 with his new tune There They Go. This is only a taste of what fans may expect from Zulu Man with Some Power, his next album.

Universal Music Group owns Def Jam Recordings, an American musical label specializing in hip hop, pop, and urban music. Nasty C is a natural choice for the label, given his track record of success.

Jeff Harleston, interim chairman/CEO of Def Jam Recordings, commented,

“Nasty C is a unique and forward-thinking artist who is at the forefront of a new generation of rappers emerging from Africa. Def Jam is a globally recognized brand synonymous with excellence in hip-hop, and we are excited to welcome Nasty C — an international star with real vision and talent — into the family.”

Nasty C took to Twitter to express his happiness to his fans.

Nasty C Career

The young lad began rapping at the age of nine, and it was then that his love for music was realized. His music was mostly influenced by his brother, who assisted him in learning how to write songs on his own, and he quickly began to make beats and add his own vocals to them.

Nasty C released the album Price City in 2015, and it quickly became a hit. He signed a deal with Universal Music Group in 2018, and TINA Magazine dubbed him African rapper and finest rap vocalist in his home nation.

The young rapper has stayed on track, creating amazing songs for his fans, and as a result, he has amassed a sizable social media following.

He has only released excellent albums so far.

2020 - ZMWSP.
2018 - Strings and Bling.
2016 - Bad Hair.
2015 - Price City.

Nasty C Real Name

Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo is Nasty C's true name. Junior is a nickname given to him by his friends, while Nsika is a nickname given to him by his family. Nasty C was his stage name for years before he became famous.

Because he used harsh language when rapping to his favorite hip-hop tunes, a family friend named Whisper started dubbing him Nasty Cat. The moniker stayed! He would eventually drop the last two letters of cat to form Nasty C, his now-famous moniker.

Nasty C Age

Nasty C was born in Diepkloof, Johannesburg's largest township, on February 11, 1997. He spent the majority of his boyhood in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, with his family. In the world of hip-hop, age is only a number. Nasty C, who is 22 years old, is one of South Africa's most well-known rappers.

Nasty C Education

Nasty C went at Strelitzia High School. In 2014, he finished Grade 12 at a Durban high school while pursuing his music career. Nasty C's debut mixtape, One Kid, a Thousand Coffins, was published while he was only 15 years old.

Nasty C stated it was difficult to balance academics and rap in an interview with MTV Base Africa.

“I’m not gonna lie and say it’s easy… I focused so much on music… I didn’t really do good in school. I passed matric [Grade 12] but with low grades,” he said.

Nasty C Mother

Veliswa (commonly known as Ivy), Nasty C's mother, died in a vehicle accident when he was just 11 months old. In his music, he has paid homage to his mother. UOK, his single, was dedicated to her. In the song, Nasty C raps:

Mama you okay now, you safe now
You in a better place now
I'll see you another day now
Mama, you okay
Don't worry about a thing now
You got wings now

The song's music video begins with a picture of his mother. Nasty C also made a short film on his music career and the Ivyson Tour, which he dedicated to his mother. His mother has been characterized as a "decent ancestor" by him.

Nasty C Father

After his mother died, Nasty C was raised by his father, David Maviyo Ngcobo. David's father, a human resources manager, was first opposed to his son's rap obsession as a child, but is now one of his strongest supporters. During some of his gigs, he has been seen singing along to Nasty C's tunes.

“I love you pop‼️ I thank God for you every chance I get & I thank him for giving me the life & time to make you proud,” Nasty C wrote about his dad after the first night of his Ivyson Tour in 2018.

Nasty C Family

Siyabonga Ngcobo, Nasty C's older brother, is also a rapper. His brother is a musician who taught him the fundamentals of music production when he was nine years old. Siyabona, like his father, is a Nasty C fanatic. On his social media platforms, he frequently promotes his brother's music and forthcoming shows.

Nasty C's Girlfriend

Since high school, Nasty C has been seeing his girlfriend Sammie. Mrs Me is one of the tracks in which he raps about her.

In his 2018 hit, SMA (Send Me Away) feat. Rowlene, Nasty C provided his fans an insight into their relationship.

The couple has an Instagram account dedicated to their relationship called @t.k.i.s.t.w.w.c (The Kids in School Thought We Were Crazy).

Does Nasty C Have a Child?

Despite the fact that Nasty C does not have a child, he frequently refers to his musical ventures as his children. "#BadHair celebrates its first birthday." In 2017, he tweeted, "I'm a proud father."

Nasty C made headlines in 2018 when he revealed he was "pregnant." He posted a video of himself entering a hospital's maternity ward. Nasty C joked about having twins named Strings and Bling on the way. It turns out that the whole affair was a publicity gimmick for his new record. He claimed he was giving birth to a new project.

The artist made news earlier this year after accusing Jaden Smith, an American rapper, of stealing his pregnancy stunt idea. To promote his new track, Jaden also posted a video of himself receiving an ultrasound.

Nasty C Bad Hair Drama

Nasty C's debut studio album, Bad Hair, was a huge success, but he had some hair issues in 2018. The rapper was enraged after a New York barber gave him a terrible haircut the day before his King music video was to be shot.

He tweeted, "F**k this barber." Nasty C stated that he was considering shaving his head bald, but that he did not want a chiskop (bald head).

His admirers came up with a few ideas about how he could solve the problem.

Nasty C's House Drama

In 2017, Nasty C had a terrifying event at his home. After robbers attacked his residence, he was held at gunpoint. The rapper was arrested, along with the other four people who lived in the house. The robbers got away with things worth thousands of Rands, including a Rolex watch, laptops, tablets, and cell phones, while no one was hurt.

Nasty C was also in the news in 2017 after a "pet shark" was spotted in his pool. Before anyone could call the SPCA, however, the rapper disclosed that the shark had been Photoshopped into the image.

Nasty C Car

Nasty C has owned a number of high-end automobiles. In 2017, he purchased his first set of wheels, a green Mercedes Benz. Mercedes appears to be the rapper's love interest. Nasty C purchased a new whip in May of this year, and it was yet another high-end model from the German manufacturer.

Here are a few of his creations.

Nasty C Net Worth

Nasty C is rumored to have a net worth of $2 million dollars. He was declared one of the highest-paid rappers in South Africa for the 2018/2019 season, alongside Cassper Nyovest, AKA, and Die Antwoord. Nasty C has sponsorship deals with Puma and AXE in addition to his music.

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