Pabi Moloi wanted to have her husband's kids from the moment they met

Pabi is enjoying the pregnant life at the moment.

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Pabi Moloi wanted to have her husbands kids from the moment they met

Only a few weeks left until Pabi welcomes the newest member of her family with a man she's loved since day 1.

She's officially on maternal leave and ready to welcome her first-born. 

Pabi Moloi who is ready to deliver her child anytime soon told Mama's & Papa's magazine that she has been ready for this next phase in her life for quite some time.

It's also interesting how she also revealed to the publication that she was ready to bear her husband kids the moment he met him.

Wow, he must be quite the charming man.

Pabi surprised a lot of people in May 2016 

When she revealed that she was married after holding a private wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends. 

"My husband and I are really looking forward to becoming parents. I think the best gift we want to give our child is time and attention, as well as planting the seed of confidence."

Pabi also revealed that she wants to have a very romanticized natural birth.

"I want a natural birth...I also want dimmed lighting and soft background music. I want the setting to be as natural as possible during childbirth."

Pabi also revealed that she is pregnant with a baby boy.

We've seen Pabi shed off a lot of weight throughout her media career, we've witnessed her adopt a completely healthy lifestyle which has allowed her to serve us with some serious beach-bod pictures.

Pabi Moloi wanted to have her husbands kids from the moment they met

In the meantime, we'll just wait until she announces her son's arrival. It's no secret that she's ecstatic about her baby's arrival her Instagram account is filled with baby photo's and all things that could potentially make you broody.

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